Purple Cones of Summer

It was another lovely perfect day and I was off all day to enjoy it for a change 🙂 Hubby and I got so much more done today and even had time to take the dogs for a walk. The summer flowers are out and were showing their faces today. Purple ConesThe purple cones are in full bloom here and I think they are just so pretty. They were perfect photo subjects today 🙂Purple Cones 2 They seemed to love this weather even though they haven’t had rain. After a long day working outside I did some more canning (cherry preserves and tomatoes tonight). I am happy to be in canning season again… I just love to fill my pantry and basement shelves with all sorts of goodies for the winter. Full pantry = happy family 🙂

Beautiful Day

You know how some days the weather just makes it such a… beautiful day 🙂 Today was one of those days. It was mid 70*’s, blue sky with some puffy white clouds, a slight breeze, and the sun shining enough to keep it warm and bright, but not too overpowering. It was just a day that made me sigh with contentment. The dogs had a wonderful day outside and especially love to sit on the front porch watching the world go by….Baxter and chaseThey just love to see all the animals and things go by and feel the breeze…Bax n chaseIf every day could be like this I would be a happy camper and we would get so much done 🙂 This is just the kind of day that I want to live in, work in, and play in… it was just a beautiful day 🙂

What a day…

What a day… part relaxing and part hard work… as any good day should be. Hubby and I were off today so we started it with breakfast and a long drive. Then we did our errands and returned home to do the chores. We got the chicken ladders done, the garden weeded, helped the neighbor pick tomatoes and pull up potatoes, started the tractors to keep them running, put up the new siding on the chicken coop, I caned some blueberry preserves (more on that later this week), made dinner, and cleaned the house some. I think that was all. On to the chickens new living situation…BuffyThe girls I think are slightly more used to the new perches… I’m not sure about the new laying boxes yet as they fought over one of the ones in the buffs house. We tried to place them in the new boxes and transfer their eggs there once they laid, but no luck yet. Tonight there were more ladies on the new perches and we put the other’s on there. I also took one of my followers advice and got out the old fake eggs to put in the new laying boxes. Hopefully that will help. Mrs. America one of the Rhode Island Chickens that jumps the fence had the best idea today and stayed towards the front of this house while we finished the work….Mrs A n bushAll the activity that the pups joined in on seemed to tucker them out tonight…ChasePoor thing. Tomorrow there is more activity planed and things to do.

New roosts and boxes

The chickens should be happy now… we spent the whole weekend building them new laying boxes and perches. My mom and step-father came up to help us. It was a bigger job then I thought, but it is done now and the girls now just need to get used to it 🙂 They now have 9 new boxes and 3 old ones as well as 7 new perches… The old girls (Rhode Islands) hutches were falling apart. They were getting old so they needed to be replaced. They kept a close eye on us while we worked…RhodeThey were not too happy to give up their old ways and even got the new buff chicks to help them make a stand in front of their old houses…They were not happy to be made to move… But they moved and let us get on with our work.Girls and HousesThe rain held off each day until we got done and then provided enough rain to get things wet and water my garden. Last night was the girls first night with the new boxes… they didn’t seem to happy and some wouldn’t even go in. After a while we went out and had to pick them up to show them where to roost now. Today one had layed in the new boxes and three others had laid in the new buff girls house we left in as it provides additional space for boxes and the new girls roosts. We needed to build new boxes and perches so all 16 of the girls have space to lay eggs and perch at night. It also makes things easier to clean.

This is the old hutches we had….Old HutchesNow it looks like this…New roosts n boxesWe had a couple girls exploring it today and getting used to the setting. I felt bad as the Rhode Islands basically grew up since 3 months in those hutches, but it was time to get some nicer living for the ladies who give us delicious eggs. (Even if they aren’t the most beautiful things 😉 )New BoxesOnly thing left to do is finish one ladder to the top boxes and add the clear sides panels to the outside of the run. I am happy thing are moving along, the weather is cooperating, and we had good help (thanks Mom and Bob). Tomorrow we hope to get that done along with getting hubbys shop back in working order. In other news we finally got some tomatoes that had turned red and I just had to eat a cherry tomato right off the vine… yum there is nothing like your own garden 🙂

Great Neighbors

It’s great to have neighbors like we have… you can depend on them, trust them, and you can bless them if they let you… This evening I went over to visit one of our neighbors. I could see him out in his garden. He is in his 80’s and currently struggling with lymes disease among other things. He isn’t getting around as he used to so when I can spy him out from across our field I go see what I can do. I try to go over with a question or to ask to get an onion or something, but usually it’s a way I can go over to talk to him and help out now.kims phone pictures 349Tonight he was going to pick tomatoes for his wife to can… so an hour later we had pulled up potatoes, onions, picked tomatoes of all kinds, and picked blackberries. As a reward I got a bucket full of potatoes, onions, topped with tomatoes, and a basket of blackberries. It wasn’t what I went for, only to help as I knew he couldn’t get down to get the low stuff and he had been complaining his hands aren’t working lately. So despite me going over to give, not take… I got a gift… outside of the food… I got a memory of time with my neighbor and the knowledge that it made a difference to him. That is a true blessing 🙂

Trail Bridge

We went on a nice long walk this evening. It was cool enough on this trail we like to just take out time and walk. The dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves, yet were happy when we got back to the truck as they were ready to have the windows down and ride home. I love it when we get to explore on a trail. We went on a different part of this trail and a little further then normal. On one part of the trail there is this old bridge the train goes over…Stone BridgeThe trail we take runs parallel at times to some train tracks. Often when walking we have a train rumbling by us. The dogs have gotten used to the noise and don’t pay it any mind now. It’s neat to see the trains go by and try to guess what is in the cars. This trail was really peaceful today and we didn’t run into many others on it, so at time it felt as it belonged just to us. It was a good end to the day. Now that we are home the chickens have finally come out as the heat went down and are pecking around the yard. Happy chickens I hope will lead to good eggs 🙂 Hope you had a blessed Saturday and blessings for the week to come 🙂

Hay Feeling

What a long week. So much to do and no time for sleep. It has also been one HOT week with terms in the upper 90*’s and with the humidity felt in the 100*’s. Not much opportunity to work outside for too long. It will be a good that there isn’t a lot to do this weekend and inside chores can get done. On my drives home and around this week it seems the collecting of hay is coming to and end this season…Hay and CornThere is something special about haying season… I am not sure what it is… maybe the beautiful gold’s in the field being collected and bundled for use… maybe its the bales all lined up in rows or stacked so high… maybe its the feeling knowing that the animals will be fed another year… what ever it is, it’s a good feeling. I hope you all have a nice, relaxing, and feel good weekend 🙂

Summer Life

Don’t you just love spring and summer… not the heat or rain (they do have their benefits)… but spring and summer brings so much new life… The trees get leaves and flowers, the flowers bloom, the grass grows tall, and baby animals are born… These little guys were on a neighbor’s farm and just looked so cute in their field…Baby CowsThis particular farm had at least 6 or 8 new baby cows all over the field. This little guy kept an eye on us while we went past and gave me a little baby cow “mooooooo”… I think he was saying Hi.baby cow 2This little guy kept hiding his face from me… every time I went to get a shot of him, he kept looking down or eating.Baby CowBut his momma kept a sharp eye on me making sure I stayed outside the fence… I am sure she was not too happy with me being so close to her and the babies. Mom cow It is so nice to take a drive and see all the new baby animal in the fields resting, eating, and playing. The beauty of new life is so precious and is something to value and appreciate 🙂

Chicken Keeper…

Being a chicken keeper is not as easy as it sounds. Like any animal there are daily decisions about care, feed, shelter, etc. Today dilemma was about clipping the new chickens flight feathers as they keep escaping their area and the concern is that our neighbors dogs or other wild animals will get them. As I said the  other day, they are safer inside the area we fenced off for them where our dogs are then outside it. We have a large area fenced for them and our dogs to be.BuffSo today 4 more got out and so we clipped the one that couldn’t figure out how to get back in. Now clipping a chickens wing is something we have never done as we like for them to be able to get up on their perch, fly away from predators, etc… so this was a hard decision. Yet, it came down to the girls are safer in the fence then out of it. If the other’s keep jumping they will need to be clipped to at least this year.Buff x2I was told and have read the flight feathers grow back and if that is so hopefully the girls will have figured out they can’t jump/fly over the fence by the time they grow back and not try. Fingers crossed… one can hope so we can let them keep their flight feather’s next year. 🙂

Chases Talk…

Chase kept pacing… he just wouldn’t stop… he didn’t want to play… he had food in his bowel… he kept talking to me and letting me know something was up and he wanted me to see… I just wasn’t understanding what… until I looked out the back sliding glass doors into the way back back yard…GeeseWe had some geese visitors getting some shade on this hot day…Geese in shadeToday started out pleasant, until about 1 or 2 it was only in the high 80*’s… then it got HOT and got in the 90*’s and humid along with it… so it was no wonder these visitors needed to borrow the shade at the back of the property to rest…4 geeseYes Chase I see the geese now… ok Chase let me get a picture as I know as soon as I let you and Baxter out the geese will take off…Geese go 1Well I guess seeing me made them get up and start moving… So they moved along to our neighbors field as he has a lovely pond they usually visit… Geese go 3  Thanks Chase for letting me know we had more visitors… I am glad they made you happy 🙂

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