Friends and Flowers

Sun shining, blue clouds, a nice breeze that kisses your cheek, and the rain holding off until our company left. It was a nice weekend… our friends came over on Saturday and we had a lovely dinner and conversation. They enjoyed watching the chickens peck at the food we threw out for them and my friends husband took quite a liking to Chase our younger dog. Baxter did some tricks to get some scraps of meat from our friend… what a ham 😉 I made some centerpieces like ones I saw in a magazine.4th flowersI think they came out nice… They did the trick as they were low enough to see over, but still provided color and something nice to look at during our meal. I used different flowers then the magazine and added only one flag. I found the flowers on sale and had the flags from last year. I hope they last this week as we are having more friends over for a cookout on Friday for the 4th. Since hubby works late on the 4th of July we will celebrate on Friday. I hope it will be a blessed week for you and those you love 🙂