The 4th brought some unexpected excitement in the form of guests that showed up at our door…JD runningMy Uncle and his dog JD…They came all the way from Nebraska to visit with us.JD side At first Baxter and Chase were not happy to have JD in their space… but eventually and with some redirecting they were able to calm down and share space. Chase n JDJD seemed to love running in the back yard and was good to not bother the chickens.JD runJD goes everywhere with my Uncle and as my Uncle says is a “chick magnet”. Just look at his face and you can see why…JD main faceJD is now 13 years old and moving slower, but still enjoys a good run or swim in any water he can find, like our pool where the chickens drink from 🙂 JD n poolUncle and JD left before dinner today to make the journey home so my uncle could get to work on Monday. It will be a 17 to 20 hour trip back for them, but I am sure JD will sleep most of the way 😉

6 Comments on “Suprise Family Guest

  1. I can’t imagine doing a trip that long. It was bad enough last week when we did a 4 hour trip through all the traffic that we are not used to. You must have been really pleased to see your Uncle who had come so far.

    • He dives semi trucks for a living so the trip was fairly easy for him since he was in his own truck. It was good to see family and have help on things he knows best about.

  2. Seems like everyone had a great day!! Especially the dogs!! Hope the chickens did ok with all the visitors!!

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