Chase kept pacing… he just wouldn’t stop… he didn’t want to play… he had food in his bowel… he kept talking to me and letting me know something was up and he wanted me to see… I just wasn’t understanding what… until I looked out the back sliding glass doors into the way back back yard…GeeseWe had some geese visitors getting some shade on this hot day…Geese in shadeToday started out pleasant, until about 1 or 2 it was only in the high 80*’s… then it got HOT and got in the 90*’s and humid along with it… so it was no wonder these visitors needed to borrow the shade at the back of the property to rest…4 geeseYes Chase I see the geese now… ok Chase let me get a picture as I know as soon as I let you and Baxter out the geese will take off…Geese go 1Well I guess seeing me made them get up and start moving… So they moved along to our neighbors field as he has a lovely pond they usually visit… Geese go 3  Thanks Chase for letting me know we had more visitors… I am glad they made you happy 🙂

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