New roosts and boxes

The chickens should be happy now… we spent the whole weekend building them new laying boxes and perches. My mom and step-father came up to help us. It was a bigger job then I thought, but it is done now and the girls now just need to get used to it 🙂 They now have 9 new boxes and 3 old ones as well as 7 new perches… The old girls (Rhode Islands) hutches were falling apart. They were getting old so they needed to be replaced. They kept a close eye on us while we worked…RhodeThey were not too happy to give up their old ways and even got the new buff chicks to help them make a stand in front of their old houses…They were not happy to be made to move… But they moved and let us get on with our work.Girls and HousesThe rain held off each day until we got done and then provided enough rain to get things wet and water my garden. Last night was the girls first night with the new boxes… they didn’t seem to happy and some wouldn’t even go in. After a while we went out and had to pick them up to show them where to roost now. Today one had layed in the new boxes and three others had laid in the new buff girls house we left in as it provides additional space for boxes and the new girls roosts. We needed to build new boxes and perches so all 16 of the girls have space to lay eggs and perch at night. It also makes things easier to clean.

This is the old hutches we had….Old HutchesNow it looks like this…New roosts n boxesWe had a couple girls exploring it today and getting used to the setting. I felt bad as the Rhode Islands basically grew up since 3 months in those hutches, but it was time to get some nicer living for the ladies who give us delicious eggs. (Even if they aren’t the most beautiful things 😉 )New BoxesOnly thing left to do is finish one ladder to the top boxes and add the clear sides panels to the outside of the run. I am happy thing are moving along, the weather is cooperating, and we had good help (thanks Mom and Bob). Tomorrow we hope to get that done along with getting hubbys shop back in working order. In other news we finally got some tomatoes that had turned red and I just had to eat a cherry tomato right off the vine… yum there is nothing like your own garden 🙂