What a day… part relaxing and part hard work… as any good day should be. Hubby and I were off today so we started it with breakfast and a long drive. Then we did our errands and returned home to do the chores. We got the chicken ladders done, the garden weeded, helped the neighbor pick tomatoes and pull up potatoes, started the tractors to keep them running, put up the new siding on the chicken coop, I caned some blueberry preserves (more on that later this week), made dinner, and cleaned the house some. I think that was all. On to the chickens new living situation…BuffyThe girls I think are slightly more used to the new perches… I’m not sure about the new laying boxes yet as they fought over one of the ones in the buffs house. We tried to place them in the new boxes and transfer their eggs there once they laid, but no luck yet. Tonight there were more ladies on the new perches and we put the other’s on there. I also took one of my followers advice and got out the old fake eggs to put in the new laying boxes. Hopefully that will help. Mrs. America one of the Rhode Island Chickens that jumps the fence had the best idea today and stayed towards the front of this house while we finished the work….Mrs A n bushAll the activity that the pups joined in on seemed to tucker them out tonight…ChasePoor thing. Tomorrow there is more activity planed and things to do.

2 Comments on “What a day…

  1. Hope the fake eggs works. I use them all the time. My only problem with them is when Hubby gathers the eggs sometimes he tends to bring the fakes in with the real. I use brown fakes and white.

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