You know how some days the weather just makes it such a… beautiful day 🙂 Today was one of those days. It was mid 70*’s, blue sky with some puffy white clouds, a slight breeze, and the sun shining enough to keep it warm and bright, but not too overpowering. It was just a day that made me sigh with contentment. The dogs had a wonderful day outside and especially love to sit on the front porch watching the world go by….Baxter and chaseThey just love to see all the animals and things go by and feel the breeze…Bax n chaseIf every day could be like this I would be a happy camper and we would get so much done 🙂 This is just the kind of day that I want to live in, work in, and play in… it was just a beautiful day 🙂

6 Comments on “Beautiful Day

  1. Love the pictures of the dogs! And, I am glad to hear that you had such a beautiful day. Weather like that just makes your heart smile 🙂

    I hope that your chickens keep getting settled in—-that was good timing on your part to change the setup when the weather was nice—it limits the stress for the animals to not have weather related issues at the same time. I hope that your weather holds!


    • It does make my heart smile and it makes it easier to get things done 🙂 The chickens are still being stubborn, but I am hopeful 🙂 It was a good week to do all this to them though as you said bad weather would have added additional stress… never good. I hope the weather holds too as we still have a lot to get done 🙂 Hope you are having this nice weather also 🙂

  2. Glad you had a great day and that the weather was perfect too! I love those days too 🙂 & from those pictures I can see how your boys had a good time too! 🙂 Hope you get more days like this!

    • Wednesday was nice also and we got more done today also. I hope you all get some of this nice weather also 🙂

  3. What sweet pictures of the dogs. You can tell they were enjoying every minute watching out the window. Those beautiful days are longed for here and when they arrive Chancy and I will be outside enjoying them to the fullest. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yes they love to sit on the porch and look out over their property 😉 Hope you get some beautiful weather soon 🙂

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