Have you ever thought of why they called this insect a praying mantis?Prayign MantusIs it because he looks as if his hands are folded in prayer? Is it because he appears much of the time to be kneeling? Answers.com say: “The mantis when in wait for prey which can be for up to a week its front legs are held in a prayer like position and it preys on other insects”. So I guess it is all of the above. I guess God gave us this little insect to remind us while we wait to stay in prayer and kneeling to him 🙂 Praying Mantus Thank you little mantis for this reminder by coming to visit us today 🙂

4 Comments on “Pyaying Mantis

  1. very nice and very true! I forget sometimes to stay in prayer and kneel to him while waiting thanks for the reminder and for the info of the praying mantis 🙂

    • You are welcome. With the infertility issues we have been going though for over 2 years now it has been hard to stay in prayer while waiting, so while researching this it was a good reminder 🙂

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