So my hubby has encouraged me for a long time to do something with all the photos I take. He tells me all the time how much others could enjoy them. Bird Sunset

So with his prompting and research I have decided to launch a web site where others can see and buy my photos if they want. I will use the money to put in a fund to help us when we are ready to make our move to buying land, animals, ect for our ranch. So if anyone wants to check it out and give me any ideas please do… the web site is  I will put the link on the side of my web site incase you come back later and want to take a look. If you see a photo on my site and would like me to add it to my new site contact me and if it is not a personal photo I will be happy to add it for you.

8 Comments on “Launching into something new…

  1. I just visited the site and looked at your beautiful pictures, I loved all your albums! 🙂
    your husband had a great idea and I agree with him about others enjoying looking at these. I always loved your pictures and I really hope you can put that money towards your future projects.
    I wish you good luck with this new lovely project 🙂
    it’s also a good idea to add the button to your blog (I shared the link of 2 albums through Facebook) 🙂

    • Thanks, it was hubbys idea I never think my photos would be something anyone would want but me. I hope we do make something to put towards the ranch and I will work on putting a button on my blog like you suggested… thanks 🙂

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