My garden is in full bloom right now. I planted a little later then others in my area so as their gardens are dying, mine is still giving me lots of good stuff 🙂 This is what I have gotten so far this week…Garden goodies

I have already canned 17 pints of diced tomatoes, three of cherry tomatoes, 15 jars of yellow tomato salsa, and frozen quite a few quarts of tomato sauce made from our tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. I also have baked some more gluten free bread for myself…Bread

It is a simple recipe and my bread maker makes things so much easier 🙂 It also makes the bread taste better when you make it yourself. And the lovely aroma in the house of fresh baked bread can not be beat 🙂 It makes you just relax and take a deep breath…. yummmmmm 🙂

10 Comments on “Garden Goodies

  1. Your garden harvest and your bread look wonderful. When I think of fresh baked bread, I think of my mother who made her own bread and shared her bounty. It was a delicious time of my life. 🙂

    • Oh I am so happy it brought back good memories for you 🙂 The bread is great and so are the veggies… they won’t last long in our house 🙂

  2. Oh, my goodness! My mouth is watering. I would so love some good fresh garden veggies. Your harvest is beautiful and that bread looks delicious!! Hugs

    • I always love to share my goodies with my neighbors and friends… if you lived near me I would have loved to share with you too my blogging friend:) I have had the bread now and it made a GREAT tomato sandwich 🙂

      • Oh, my!! Tomato sandwiches are my all time favorite sandwich. I would have loved to shared in those goodies and had a nice visit with you. Hugs

      • Then I am extra sorry I couldn’t share my tomatoes with you 😦 I enjoy our virtual visits even if we haven’t “met” yet 🙂

  3. the garden goodies do look delicious and wow! you’ve done a lot already 🙂 I also love the picture of your bread, I’m sure it smells delicious 🙂

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