Oh I just wish I could have gotten a photo of the fog and mist rolling across the back field tonight… it was eerie and magical all at the same time. It almost hid the deer coming though and was covering up our view of the mountain. I stood there for a few minutes and just marveled at everything God thought up on this earth. That includes this sunset…orange sky

It was a beauty the other night. The color just amazed me and left me breathless. I feel blessed each time I see a sunset like this or witness the misty fog come across the field. I hope this coming weekend you experience blessings from God and find true joy in them 🙂

12 Comments on “True Joy

  1. That is one gorgeous sunset. Ad I know what you mean abo the fog, I love the look of it, but somehow can’t quite capture the mood properly.

    • It is hard to catch the mood of fog rolling across a field… a photo just doesn’t do it justice you are right 🙂 Glad you liked my sunset pic 🙂

  2. What a scene you have captured in this gorgeous sunset. No one can come close to matching the beauty in God’s creations. There is so much beauty all around and I so enjoy it. This is a fabulous shot! Hugs

      • P. S. Sending you this link to Holley Gerth’s blog post today:
        …and my comment to her:
        I read this post this morning as we were getting ready to celebrate my son’s 23rd Birthday…We had done the 10-year “infertility roller-coaster” years ago to have him…I had him when I was 41…He’s the light of our lives…and our gift from God!
        There was a point where we came to the same moment you and your husband came to…we we were only going to be able to afford one more round of in-vitro…and my very blunt Mom said to me, “Maybe it’s not God’s will for you to have a child!”
        That shocked me…and I stopped in my tracks thinking about it!! Then, I knew I believed that it WAS God’s will for me to have a child!
        We had a miscarriage before my son, lost the other two embryos that were transferred with him, and had a miscarriage after him!!
        Though I wanted all those babies we lost, I know I’ll see them in Heaven! Now I direct a Drama Team at church, and I’m “Drama Mama” to so many kids, teens, and young adults!! God is so good!!
        We each need to ask God the hard questions as you did…and His answers are the BEST for our lives! May God richly bless you always!!

      • Oh I am glad you joined our blogs… it is nice to know someone else who understands and I always feel comfort when I hear your success story 🙂

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