We had a great weekend at our place. Hubby’s sister and her family came to visit. This included her hubby, two boys, and their dog Manny a 7 year old schnauzer. We were a little concerned that our dogs would have the same issues they had with my uncles dog, but this time they quickly became the best of friends…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was fun to see them play, run in the yard, and just figure out their order. The family is here until tomorrow and we will miss having them when they go. I know the dogs will miss Manny. I have a bunch of photos of the pups over the weekend and will share more with you this week as well as some more photos of our trip to the State Fair. Hope you are having  a good Labor Day weekend if you are in the USA. (even if you aren’t you can celebrate with us) 😉

8 Comments on “What a great weekend…

      • Fun, fun, fun!! If she jumps into our pool without permission…and gets dried off, but is still damp…and then we let her inside in the air conditioning…she goes crazy and runs all over the house messing up carpets and slamming into the front door! So we have to have a big pillow by the front door, because one time she got her paw caught under it…Ouch!! Yup, it’s crazy around here, alright!

        Bu, I’d love to see how she’d do with your dogs!!

      • Oh no… wet dog in the house… that could get smelly 😉

        I am not sure how good they would be as our pups get along with some dogs and not others… not sure what it is… they usually calm after a while and accept the new dog 🙂

      • Yup, stinky!!

        Yup, that’s how our dog is with people…she finally calms down in about 10 minutes or so…if we all survive her craziness!!

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