What a nice weather weekend…Gerber

I got a lot done including some canning… today it was ketchup. A couple of weekends ago it was yellow tomato salsa…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have already given a couple of jars away to family who have been visiting and wanted to raid my stash… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have also been making batches of tomato sauce to freeze. I start with a bunch of tomatoes’ washed…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then cooked with all sorts of yummy seasoning and veggies…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then pure it till smooth, put it in freezer containers, and into the downstairs freezer for the winter 🙂 I also canned some tomatoes diced and whole for my stash 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am hoping this year I have enough to last all winter… I hate taking out the last jar too early 😦 In the garden, I still have tomatoes, peppers, and a few green beans growing, so I hope to keep stocking my freezer and caning shelves 🙂

10 Comments on “Adventures in preserving food…

    • I just have to make the time I set aside a day to do it and collect what I need until then… sometimes it is just a matter of making the sauce, etc and letting it take up room in the fridge until I can get around to canning it 🙂

  1. wow, you’ve been busy and everything looks delicious, I really hope it will last you all winter 😉
    glad to visit today, I’ve been so busy here that opening a computer has been difficult 🙂 hope you are doing great 🙂

    • Yes, it has been a busy harvest and canning season and it is continuing. Especially the tomatoes… they are coming out of our ear 😉 But no worries canning ketchup and diced tomatoes this weekend again should take care of most of them 😉 I’m sorry and happy you have been busy… usually its good to be busy, it means you are accomplishing a lot 🙂 We are well and hope you are also 🙂

  2. I’m visiting your blog after you visited mine. I love the masthead you have here – very relaxing and peaceful. The salsa and ketchup sound really good. I’ll look to see if your recipe is posted on your blog. – thehistoricfoodie.wordpress.com

    • I will be happy to post my recipes for those things.. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll let you know when they are posted and thanks for the interest. I enjoyed your blog also 🙂

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