One of my followers- Now at Home Mom- wrote me today and noticed I had been MIA (missing in action). I have been quite busy the last month (work, family visiting, getting things ready for fall and winter, canning, etc.)  and the busy list also included a trip to the Smoky Mountains  with hubby to celebrate out 5-year wedding anniversary.

The Smokey Mountains

The Smokey Mountains

It feels like yesterday that we got married and yet it feels like we have been together for so much longer. It was a wonderful trip and I am still sifting through the pictures I took so I can post about the trip. When I get that far I will post more. I hope all my followers are well and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

12 Comments on “Smoky Mountains Anniversary

  1. The Smokey’s are one of my very favorite places in the whole world! Probably because my Grandpa Lewis came from Tennessee and I would go on vacation with my Aunt and Uncle to visit our Tennessee relatives! Some wonderful fond memories! Happy Anniversary!

    • Thank you for the well wishes and I LOVED the smokies… I can see why it is one of your favorite places. I didn’t want to leave 🙂

  2. I have also been wondering where you disappeared to! I knew that you had taken a trip but didn’t know that it was your anniversary. Congratulations! Having a soul mate is such a blessing—I know that Matt is the greatest gift that God has given me. We are going on 18 years now, and I too do not know where the time goes. It seems like just yesterday that we got married 🙂 Cherish your time together!

    I am glad to hear that all is well. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and it always seem to go too fast for me…


    • Hey Ann,

      I am sorry I made you wonder where I was…I hoped you knew I was okay as I tried to comment on your blog as I could ( I hoped it would let you know I was okay 🙂 ). Thank you for the anniversary wishes and it is cool that you and Matt have 18 years under your belt 🙂 What a great testimony to marriage working out the way God designed 🙂 You are right it is a great gift from God to have a soul mate 🙂

      I also love fall, it is my favorite season (when there aren’t devastating snow storms and torrential rains causing all this damage 😦 ) I am looking forward to the rain being over here so I can watch the leaves change and get outside more then just for chores 🙂

      I hope the coming week brings you blessings 🙂

    • Oh what a beautiful place you live in… I just love the Mountains and the smoky mountains are so different then our blue ridge 🙂 I can’t wait to go back (and thanks for the tip) 🙂

  3. Sounds like a very nice place to go and enjoy for your anniversary. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you many more wonderful years together filled with love, happiness and good health. Hugs

    • Thank you that is very kind of you 🙂 We had a lovely trip and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the mountains 🙂

  4. beautiful picture and it sounds like a beautiful place to visit too! 🙂
    congratulations on your 5 year anniversary and too a 100 more! 🙂
    hope to get to see more beautiful pictures of your trip soon!

  5. I look forward to reading about your trip. I love the Smoky Mountains and long to go back there someday.

    • I am looking forward to posting about it. I have so many photos it is hard to decide which to post about first 😉 I will be happy to share and bring back memories for you 🙂

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