While on our anniversary trip (over a month ago now) we stumbled upon a neat museum for Bush’s Baked Beans…Bushes sign

There was actually a lot to do  from the café, to a movie on the history of Bush’s, to the artifacts and photos of the Bush’s family, to a big can of beans you walk though and see how the canning processing works…. Bushes Can

They even had a scale that tells you how many beans you weigh… I got hubby on it so I could take this photo…Bushes bean weight

I really loved this cute piggy they had flying at the end of the museum part… Bushes PigThe gift shop was really neat and I got some really cool chicken socks. They even had a cool bathroom sink faucets… I know it may be weird to take a photos of the faucet but it was so cool…Bushes sink If you are ever in this part of TN you have to check it out. From the history to the fun activities it will appeal to kids and adults alike 🙂

8 Comments on “Bush’s- The Bean

  1. Well, that is just so cool. I had no idea any such place existed. I like the pig and the faucet too. Thanks, for sharing this it I enjoyed seeing the pictures. Hugs!

  2. Glad that you all had a good trip! I hope that fall weather has found you—I would love to see pictures of the leaves when they change if you take any 🙂

    Fall has come to Nebraska with the leaves falling from the trees and temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s at night. I am looking forward to the time change this weekend so it will be lighter in the morning to do chores!


  3. I’ve been to Bush’s museum before, too. I think the story behind this company is just phenomenal. So glad you were able to visit, too! If you’re ever back in that area and are so inclined to meet a blogger, do let me know. It’s not to far of a hike for me to enjoy a meeting.

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