Happy Greatful Day…

From our family to yours we wish you… Bax and Chase

Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you a blessed and happy holiday season 🙂

Sun to Snow

Just a few days ago the leaves on the trees were beautiful, the sun was out, and the weather cool but not too cold. Our trees in the front yard gave off a gorgeous color…Fall Trees

Monday it was cold, but hubby was still able to get out and work on the tractors and start a fire…Lorne tractor

Today however on the day before Thanksgiving it looks like this…Ground Snow

The snow has come very early this year and makes me think we may get a lot of snow this winter…Tree snow

Chase had to go check it out…

Chse sno

I just hope my mom and step-father get here safe tonight. I don’t remember snow before Thanksgiving around here is a very long time. Is kind of nice though to get some snow if it is going to be so cold 😉

Rushing Time

When I was growing up my parents always told me that every year of my life will feel like it is going faster and faster. I don’t think back then I believed them, but I sure do now. This year has felt like this…Rushing water

It feels like each year is like a waterfall or stream that is wearing away with time and rushes down the mountain faster and faster with less resistance. I’m not sure you can stop this phenomenon of time moving faster, so I guess all you can do is try to be present in the moment. By being present you don’t miss as much, you can experience each part of life, and hopefully keep time from feeling like it is moving so fast. It’s almost Thanksgiving and I feel like the stores and big business has just passed over this time for everyone to be thankful for what they have. At Halloween there were already Christmas decorations out and it made me cringe…. Others may disagree, but by putting out these decorations, etc. out so early and basically skip Thanksgiving… it spoils these holidays and tries to force people to not value Thanksgiving and Christmas as they were meant to be celebrated with reverence and thanksgiving. So I refuse to be dragged into the commercialism that big business has tried to turn holiday into. I chose instead to celebrate these holidays as they come and with appropriate feelings of appreciating, caring, thoughtfulness, and thanks. I hope you will join me. It helps ones time to at least not be fast forwarded and hopefully help our time to feel like it moving at an appropriate speed 😉

A Cold Fall…

I don’t know what happened to Fall this year. It seems it went right from summer to winter. Today it was so cold it nipped my nose and froze my toes. It was a good thing I was inside today more then outside. Good thing on the occasional Fall day I got to go out and get things done. While we were in TN they had Fall all around. It was neat to see places decorated for Fall.svarecrows I just LOVE Fall. It is my favorite time with the weather being cooler, yet not cold. All the colors and Fall smells. I just love it. So, when I don’t get my dose of Fall I am a little disappointed. Fall is also my favorite season to decorate too and boy do I. Inside and out there are signs of Fall everywhere in our home. Our home, family, our pets… Its a comforting feeling for me and I hold onto that in the tough times. What do you rely on or hold onto in the tough times? Family, good feelings,  the smells of fresh baked goods, pets…? Share them here so we can all enjoy the goodness of our lives and celebrate those this fall.


Today in the USA it is Veterans Day. This is a day we honor all the men and woman who have ever served as part of our military.  Today we want to personally thank any service member past or present who has put their lives on the line for my family and this country we live in. I have veterans in my family and I am proud of their service. Flags

Today we celebrated by visiting a veteran friend of ours. He is in his 80’s and was in WW-II. He shared with us about some of his experiences after the war and his bond with his “brother” from the war. We helped him cut some wood and he gave us some since we are low. I then went to visit a new mom friend of mine. She has 4 kids and is expecting her 5th. She needed some adult conversation and I entertained the kids some too. She is a sweet soul and I met her in the new church we have been going to for a couple months now. I send out a prayer for any military who are over seas right now or who are about to deploy for safety and strength for their families.  Blessing to them and their families. Happy Veterans Day!

Parrots of God

There is this place in Tennessee that is called Parrott Mountain. It’s way up on this mountain and the drive up is a little scary, but the trip is worth it. This whole park has rescued parrots and other types of birds in it. Parrotts

It was really cool as you could feed some of the parrots out of your hand…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Big and small…Parrott lorne feed

You could even feed them out of these little nectar cups…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The nectar was warm and the little birds just loved it. We also got our photo with the birds all over us. This is the guy who put the birds on us… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All the birds on him ended up on us… our arms, hands, and shoulders. We bought a photo with the birds all over us, as 100% of the proceeds went to taking care of the birds. There also were all kinds of little parrots that were so cute… Parott multi

They had some interesting birds…ParottThe really cool thing about this place was there were mentions of God and Jesus all around this place in statues…TN Trip Sept 2013 184

rocks with Bible verses…TN Trip Sept 2013 185

and pretty water features…TN Trip Sept 2013 181

God was every where in this bird sanctuary. CrossIt was my favorite thing we did… horseback riding through the Smokey Mountain National Park almost tied it for first 😉 .

From Chases eyes…

Being a dog is sometimes hard work… especially when your mom makes you take photos and you have to look cute…Bax n chase leaves 3

Sometimes the sun is in your eyes or you are so tired and the weather so nice you fall asleep…Bax n chase leaves 2

Other times it is just nice to close your eyes and smell the air… (moms usually don’t like that, but I got away with it this time, the key is a cute expression 😉 )Bax n chase leaves 4

Other times it is nice to sit pretty and wait on a nice treat once the picture is done. Bax n chase leaves

At least with fall photos there are nice leaves to lay on, a cool breeze, and warm sun to make it all worthwhile. 🙂

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Fall has come with some crazy temperature changes this year. For a couple days it’s in the 30’s and 40’s during the day and 30’s and 20’s at night …. then it’s in the 60’s in the day and 40’s at night. I think it has confused the trees as they have changed all of a sudden and dropping their leaves quicker then I am used to. One of my followers Anne asked for some fall photos of our area so I had to go out today and take advantage of the pretty color that is left in our neck of the woods. I took Baxter and Chase along and they let me get some photos of them with the leaves. Bax n chase fall

They were patient as I had to get my camera working again and figure out the lighting. They got plenty of treats for being so patient so I am sure they had some fun 😉 Chase n bax fall

So I hope all of ya’ll are having a great fall 🙂