Month: November 2013

Happy Greatful Day…

From our family to yours we wish you… Happy Thanksgiving! We wish you a blessed and happy holiday season 🙂

Sun to Snow

Just a few days ago the leaves on the trees were beautiful, the sun was out, and the weather cool but not too cold. Our trees in the front yard gave off a gorgeous color… Monday it was cold, but hubby was still able to get out and work on the tractors and start a fire… Today however on the day before Thanksgiving it looks … Read More Sun to Snow

Rushing Time

When I was growing up my parents always told me that every year of my life will feel like it is going faster and faster. I don’t think back then I believed them, but I sure do now. This year has felt like this… It feels like each year is like a waterfall or stream that is wearing away with time and rushes down … Read More Rushing Time

A Cold Fall…

I don’t know what happened to Fall this year. It seems it went right from summer to winter. Today it was so cold it nipped my nose and froze my toes. It was a good thing I was inside today more then outside. Good thing on the occasional Fall day I got to go out and get things done. While we were in TN … Read More A Cold Fall…


Today in the USA it is Veterans Day. This is a day we honor all the men and woman who have ever served as part of our military.  Today we want to personally thank any service member past or present who has put their lives on the line for my family and this country we live in. I have veterans in my family and I am … Read More Veteran

Parrots of God

There is this place in Tennessee that is called Parrott Mountain. It’s way up on this mountain and the drive up is a little scary, but the trip is worth it. This whole park has rescued parrots and other types of birds in it. It was really cool as you could feed some of the parrots out of your hand… There were all colors… Yellow… Red… Even in white… … Read More Parrots of God

From Chases eyes…

Being a dog is sometimes hard work… especially when your mom makes you take photos and you have to look cute… Sometimes the sun is in your eyes or you are so tired and the weather so nice you fall asleep… Other times it is just nice to close your eyes and smell the air… (moms usually don’t like that, but I got away … Read More From Chases eyes…

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Fall has come with some crazy temperature changes this year. For a couple days it’s in the 30’s and 40’s during the day and 30’s and 20’s at night …. then it’s in the 60’s in the day and 40’s at night. I think it has confused the trees as they have changed all of a sudden and dropping their leaves quicker then I … Read More Happy Fall Ya’ll