Fall has come with some crazy temperature changes this year. For a couple days it’s in the 30’s and 40’s during the day and 30’s and 20’s at night …. then it’s in the 60’s in the day and 40’s at night. I think it has confused the trees as they have changed all of a sudden and dropping their leaves quicker then I am used to. One of my followers Anne asked for some fall photos of our area so I had to go out today and take advantage of the pretty color that is left in our neck of the woods. I took Baxter and Chase along and they let me get some photos of them with the leaves. Bax n chase fall

They were patient as I had to get my camera working again and figure out the lighting. They got plenty of treats for being so patient so I am sure they had some fun 😉 Chase n bax fall

So I hope all of ya’ll are having a great fall 🙂

8 Comments on “Happy Fall Ya’ll

  1. 🙂 oh! they are gorgeous! 🙂 beautiful pictures you took of them & wow, you are so lucky that they were so patient 🙂 enjoy this beautiful season!

    • Yes I have tried to train them since we got them to be patient for pictures so I am glad they still are 😉 Glad you liked the photos 🙂

  2. Awesome pictures! Thank you—the girls and I love them. There were lots of “awe, how cute” from the girls. Your dogs are wonderful, and the tree is just gorgeous. The one thing that I miss in Nebraska is the red color on the trees that I got used to when I lived in New Hampshire.

    Thanks for the smile–it was just what I needed after a long drive home from the Farm Check meeting.


    • You are more then welcome. I wanted to be able to send a smile your way and I am happy the girls smiled as well. I can’t wait to meet them and you all 🙂 Hope your trip went well 🙂

  3. And a happy fall to you all as well. What gorgeous colors and fabulous pictures!!! The last one is fit for framing and hanging…love it! Hugs and nose kisses

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