We prepared for the pending ice and snow storm predicted for our area today after Baxter had his end of the year Therapy Dog visit to the library. It was so cold with the wind and the dogs were out trying to help us. Once we got back inside the pups were ready for dinner and to find a warm spot…Chase snuggled

They have their Christmas blankets to snuggle under…Baxter snuggled

Right now they are asleep snug and warm. I want to let those who have already been affected by this storm our prayers have been with you. I hope the storm will decrease in the ice factor before it gets to us. Luckily, I don’t have to work again until Tuesday so we are ready with wood for the fire, generator with extra gas, food that can be heated easily by the wood stove, etc. It will also give me time to finish wrapping Christmas presents and do my Christmas cards. So if you are affected by this storm snuggle up and stay warm. Have a happy week to come 🙂