We prepared for the pending ice and snow storm predicted for our area today after Baxter had his end of the year Therapy Dog visit to the library. It was so cold with the wind and the dogs were out trying to help us. Once we got back inside the pups were ready for dinner and to find a warm spot…Chase snuggled

They have their Christmas blankets to snuggle under…Baxter snuggled

Right now they are asleep snug and warm. I want to let those who have already been affected by this storm our prayers have been with you. I hope the storm will decrease in the ice factor before it gets to us. Luckily, I don’t have to work again until Tuesday so we are ready with wood for the fire, generator with extra gas, food that can be heated easily by the wood stove, etc. It will also give me time to finish wrapping Christmas presents and do my Christmas cards. So if you are affected by this storm snuggle up and stay warm. Have a happy week to come 🙂

10 Comments on “Snuggled

  1. We do not have much snow or ice, but have had below zero low’s for temperatures since Wednesday night. It was -6 this morning when Megan and I exercised calves at the feed yard. Megan got cold enough that she abandoned me to finish the job on my own and went to ride in the warm feed truck 🙂

    Love the dogs and their Christmas blankets–great, happy pictures! Stay safe and warm–hopefully the weather will moderate soon.


    • I heard from my family NE has been cold and some nights below 0. It has been cold here in the 30’s and the wind is cold 😦 Funny, Megan leaving you to go in the warm truck ( I might have too 😉 )

      The dogs love their blankets, they are funny about that… they have to have their blankets 🙂 I hope you stay safe and warm also 🙂 I also pray they weather stabilizes soon 😉

    • Thank you we will do our best to stay warm 🙂 The pups are just too cute with their blankets… I can’t help myself but to take pictures of them 😉

  2. I so remember snow and ice storms in NJ…and being snowed in…thank God you have food and fuel to ride it out…and adorable pups in blankets to snuggle with!! May god protect everyone effected…

    • It has been a snowy day luckily no ice yet. The pups and us are snuggled up and safe. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

      • My cousin in NJ had 5″ of snow today…and we had 85 degrees here! So if any of you need to warm up…this is the place! We’re praying it stays like this, since we’ll be vacationing at the beach over Christmas!! Praying you have a Very Blessed Christmas!!

      • I herd it is supposed to stay nice in FL this year so enjoy your time at the beach. I heard NJ got hit like we did I think at last measurement here it was 8 inches. Have a Blessed Christmas as well 🙂

  3. We have been in and snuggled up since Friday morning we still have ice on the ground and we are wanting some warmer weather. Love your blankets and you both look so cute snuggled under them. Stay warm and safe. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I’m so glad you all have been snuggled up. This ice is bad. Pups say thank you they are all snuggled as much as they can since the storm hit us. Hope we all get a little warmer weather soon to melt this ice. 🙂

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