We woke up and nothing… no snow, no ice, nothing they predicted. About 9 AM I looked out the window and there was the snow. We made it to church in the snow and when we got out it was covering everything. Winter was showing itself. By the time we got home it was a winter wonderland.Baxter snow After getting home we got the chickens settled in their coop as they were hiding in there from the snow. (I don’t blame them) Hubby had to do some shoveling to get the coop door closed with the chicks safe inside. Lorne shoveling We let the dogs play in the snow. Baxter and ChaseBax and Chase snowChase just loves the snow and went running all around the chicken area. Chase snowWe then came in to have some warm soup, hot tea, and to relax.

The pups were ready to come inside

The pups were ready to come inside

The snow is still coming down but slowing off for the time being. I don’t mind the snow since we are home snuggled in for the next couple of days. Any of you getting any of this winter storm?

4 Comments on “Winter Wonderland

    • Ya my Dad is in FL right now and said it was nice there. The pups do love their run in the snow… I will get some more snow photos up for you if I can get some today. Have to be careful because on top of the snow right now is a lovely layer of ice 😉

  1. You got a lot of snow…very pretty too. We just have ice all over the place. Wish we had gotten a pretty snow, Chancy does not like the ice nor do I. Nice pictures of the dogs enjoying the snow. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Oh I hate getting ice and no snow. We are getting more snow today suspected to be up to 6 inches more. I hope you and Chancy stay warm 🙂

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