How lovely are your branches. Without fail every year since hubby and I got married (and when I was a child) we have gone to get our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. This year was the same and the last few years my mom and step-dad have gone with us… which was great. We got to the tree farm about an hour before dark because we had been preparing the house for the tree and doing a little shopping earlier in the day.

The start of the tree farm...

The start of the tree farm…

We looked and looked and again found another “perfect” Christmas tree… we cut it down and my step-father volunteered to pull it back for us…Bob tree
Mom and hubby helped to make sure it didn’t fall off the cart we were using…Tree 3 pull
We always go to a local farm to cut down our tree. We like to support our local business. It has little bridges, cut outs, etc all over that make it a great time…Tree cutout
By the time we were half way back the sun was going down…Tree farm sun setting
I had not seen the sunset from this property before and it was a beauty…Tree farm sunsetTree farm sunset 2
It was a great way to end a hunt for the “perfect” tree 🙂

6 Comments on “Oh Christmas Tree… O Christmas Tree…

  1. What a nice and fun way to go pick out your Christmas tree. Hope you will post pictures when it is all trimmed out. It looks like a beautiful and well shaped tree. Hugs

  2. This was the first year in eons that I didn’t go out and cut a tree down. Last year I hike up the hill on the property I lived on and cut a natural tree (my friends called it a Charlie Brown tree, but it had more than 5 was just natural). For years I too have gone to tree farms in my area to support them and their endeavors as well as to have a fresh cut tree. Alas, here in Southern Oregon there are not many tree farms within a 30 mile radius from where I live. Additionally, we had about 5 inches of frozen tundra for a week and traveling was not easy. My boyfriend was insistent on getting a tree the first weekend of December. Myself, I would have waited until the middle of the month in order to go to a farm. But, I am a giver and didn’t want to throw a fit, and so he and his son went to a local store and bought one. I didn’t participate in that part of the process. I just couldn’t bring myself to pick one from a lot. We now have it up and decorated. It smells just like a farmed tree. It looks quite pretty. I will survive it. But I missed the process. 🙂 Glad you had a family affair once again. Those traditions are so good.

    • What a good memory… we had a Charlie Brown tree a few years back and the memories of that tree are now my favorite. I hope you get back to the tree farms or in the fields next year 😉

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