Slow Melt

While most of the south is beginning to recover from the snow… the snow here is sticking around from last week…


The sun has finally come out today and it’s melting some of the snow off the tractors and the road is mostly clear…

Sun tractor

The picnic table could use some work though…

picnic table

I guess it will just take time and a little more sunshine… I’m okay with that 🙂


Snow Birds

The snow is sticking around and the birds are cleaning out the feeders. These three little guys come around a lot (it might be different birds, but I like to think they are the same 🙂 )

3 birds
This little guy stayed on this tree for a long time and flew between the feeder and the same branch many times.

1 bird
Our little woodpecker likes to hide on one side of the feeder and peek out over it as he eats.

2 birds
It is not only fun, but relaxing to watch the birds out in the snow. Even the dogs sit with us and just watch them fly from feeder to feeder, branch to branch, and branch to feeder.

Snow Sky

Looking out at the sun setting over the snow you can notice many things… colors, shapes, designs, and many interesting things. I was out the other day and saw this sky…


It looked like something was falling from the sky or jetting all over…Sky 2


I don’t know what cause all these designs, but I don’t think I want to…Sky 3


It’s more fun just looking at it and seeing it as beautiful 🙂


Happy Day…Three New Awards

Midwest Mary from nominated me for some new awards. She is from the Midwest ( LOVE THAT 🙂 I have family there) Her blog covers many topics and she is open to comments and ideas 🙂 She has nominated me for the following three awards:



The acceptance rules require me to:
1. Post the award logo
2. Link to the nominating party
3. List 10 facts about myself
4. Nominate other noteworthy blogs
5. Notify those nominations via comments on their blog.

And here are the 10 facts about myself:

1. I have sewn off and on since I was young, and recently am getting back into it.

2. I love to bake and am taking a class to learn how decorate cakes and cupcakes better soon.

3. I love my pups… ok so you probably know that if you have followed my blog for anytime- but it had to be said again. 😉

4. My favorite season is fall, but I love them all for different reasons 🙂

5. I am currently reading the book Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

6.  I love being part of a small church where  can get to know my sisters in Christ.

7. I am a neat freak and like a clean neat house. It drives hubby batty, but with two dog, other animals, us tracking in stuff… the house is constantly in need of tiding up.

8. I love balloons.

9. I love kids… working with them, helping them, doing arts and crafts, playing games, etc. They just make me happy and I just love to watch them learn and grow. I hope someday to have my own to watch grow.

10. I love to travel to new (and old) places and just explore. It is so much fun and I learn new things each time 🙂

I pass these awards on to:

Nature and Life Notes  She writes about nature, birds, baking bread, canning, cooking and so much more. Her photos are beautiful and I don’t know how she gets the great shots of the birds 🙂

Daddy’s Tractor She writes about her family and adventures on a family farm- The daily chores, cooking, baking, animal tending, and caring for her two cute kiddos while homeschooling 🙂

Ann at Feedyard Foodie Ann is a powerful and kind writer. She is knowledgeable and very much into good animal care. She helps run a feedlot and farm in Nebraska while raising her 3 daughters and advocating for the beef industry. 🙂

Sheryl at Flowery Prose  She writes mostly about gardening and such, but I enjoy her writing. Her photos are lovely and I have enjoyed her snow pictures recently very much 🙂

Angie at The Novice Gardener  She writes about cooking, gardening, photography, and more. She writers beautifully and you can tell she holds a degree in journalism. 🙂

Kathy from Lodgehousebandbsomerset I enjoy her posts about chickens, gardening, and her life in Somerset, England. She has a quaint and enjoyable blog. 🙂

Happy Birthday Hubby :)

Today is hubbys birthday… he has to work poor guy. When he gets home I plan to have surprises including a big beef dinner and presents waiting 🙂Lornes Birthday Dogs

I wanted to say something special about hubby that I haven’t before so here is the top 5 things I love about him 🙂

1.) He is striving to be the kind of man God calls him to be.

2.) There is never a boring day in our house, between his humor, klutziness, and  antics it keeps you guessing.

3.) He  is a meat and potatoes guy. This may not be unusual for some of you, but I love it because I can make almost anything and he loves it… it helps when I want to try a new recipe 😉

4.) He is a hard worker. When he wants to do something and is motivated in his task he gets the job done 🙂

5.) He can entertain himself if I am busy, am taking a class/training, or want to go to a Christian women’s conference… he is supportive of my learning and growth.

So happy Birthday to the love of my life 🙂

Snow… Snow.. Snow… Cold

The snow came down the other day. I was so happy to be inside (not happy to be sick, but grateful I didn’t have to go outside). The neighbors barn was barley visible in the snow.

Barn snow

Our tractors were hard to see as well until the snow slowed down…tractor snow

It was a pretty snow and the coop roof was covered in a matter of hours, but it helped to keep the heat in for the chickens.

Coop snow

The trees were heavy with snow… Tree snow

And the branches were bowing under the weight… heavy tree snow

Everything was covered by the snow. Snow cover

Towards evening the little light we had was going away and the night was taking over.

Dark snow

Since the big snow there have been more flurries. Flurries

But the biggest thing has been the cold. It has been below 0* outside late evenings, night, and early morning. The snow was deep and getting the coop dug out took some effort on hubbys part since I was not in full functioning order.

coop sun snow

When the sun finally came out the snow was so pretty and nice to look out upon. Sun Snow

Hope your are safe if you are having this snow and hope it doesn’t prevent you from having blessed weekend. 🙂


When it’s cold outside…

When the snow is coming down and the temperature drops, there is no place like your own home… warm and comfy to make things better. Our pups know this well as when it is cold and snowing outside, hubby and I are kicked out of our chairs and the dogs take over for a snooze…C and B 1

Who us mommy? We didn’t take your chair…’C and B3

We just barrowed it for a little while… we’ll give it back…C and B 2

In the spring 😉

The cold and the flu…

It was snowing even before I got up this morning and I couldn’t see the ground or drive way then…

Snow drift
I had to get to the doctor though as things haven’t gotten better. Turns out I have a version of the flu that my flu shot didn’t cover and on top of it strep throat… yuck. So I am back in bed watching the snow fall and swirl around the house.

January mid 010
The chickens are safe in their coop and the pups are cozy on my chair (more about that later). These photos are from the last snow, but we already have this much on the ground. And I just think the drifted snow is so pretty… now that I don’t have to be out in it 😉

January mid 011
Hope wherever you are, that if you have snow, you can stay safe and warm and your animals are in their safe and warm places too 🙂

More snow?

I have been sick. It’s been a couple years since I have been sick and I am not happy. I have almost lost my voice (hubby may be happy about that)… but it makes it hard to keep up with the house, animals, and just getting things done. Hubby has been helping out, my mom and step-dad were up this past weekend for step-dads birthday (Happy Birthday 🙂 ) and I had off from work today for Martin Luther King Day… so that has been helpful. Listening to the news today it seems we are being scheduled for a big snow storm tomorrow through Wednesday. Barn
I am wondering how much we will get at this point. So despite being sick I still helped hubby get the chicken coop and things ready for the storm incase it is as bad as they say it will be. When you have animals there are no sick days (unless your really down and out). We made sure they had clean water, plenty of food, a feed scratch block to keep busy, and plenty of bedding in their boxes. Today they are out and about.

Shed and Tractor

So after chores I took a nap. Naps are unusual for me and a rare occurrence. I am keeping the hot tea close at hand and hubby is making sure I stay hydrated and eat. I hope where ever you are that if you have or are expecting snow you are warm and dry. What are the special things you do to get your animals ready for big storms?

Warming up some…

Still snow on the ground and cold in the air here… Shed

The boys and chickens are glad it has gotten into the double digits and no more frozen eggs. It’s been a long week, but tomorrow I get to go to a Women’s Christian conference. I am excited to be going, it should be a good time. Hope you are staying warm and have a good weekend 🙂


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