Thursday as I was coming home from work it started to snow. By the time I got home and situated it looked like this…Snow shed

The flakes were so big at times, when they landed on your clothes you could actually see them, as they didn’t absorb into clothing quickly.


It was so cold too that things just froze right away…Snow tree

And the snow kept coming…

Snow tractor

Even the tree were covered and frozen in place despite some very bad wind…Snow trees

When we went out to check on the chickens my trusty helpers went along…Snow bax n chase

They turned as I came outside, I am guessing there was an animal I didn’t see or they heard and noise I didn’t…Snow Bax n chase 2

Chase stayed out with me longer checking on the snow…Snow Chase 2

He had some fun running around exploring…Snow Chase

And eating a little snow…Snow Chase 3

I think this is going to be a big snow year considering in less then a month we have had 3 big storms and more are predicted this coming week (mostly ice 😦 )

20 Comments on “First of January Snow

  1. Praying for warmth for you!! How cute that the doggies stay right with you & help with the chores!! We had two chilly (for us!!!) days here in FL…looking forward to all my sunshine returning soon!!! I’ll send you some! Ha!

    • Yes, the pups are good helpers especially Chase… always willing to keep you company and help round up the chickens 🙂 It’s been very cold here in the 20’s in the day and then at night in the single digits. With this past storm the wind one night got so bad I thought it would blow the house over… literally! It woke me up numerous times that night 😦 The snow is pretty now that wind is gone 🙂 Please send some sun to met this ice please and thank you 🙂

      • Oh, my!!! I’m planning a post about our beautiful day at Palm Island…those photos should warm you up! Ha! I’ll be praying for a warm day, so all of you could thaw out!!

      • My cousins are freezing in NJ, too!! Our temperature went back up today to 82 degrees…beautiful!! We could still get a few more spurts of chilly weather, but at least it doesn’t last as long as I remember winter did in NJ!!!

      • Our weather has been so much colder longer already. There was no fall this past year… it went right from summer to winter so you know that is bad news. The weather is supposed to just keep coming… burr… 😦

  2. Oh dear, don’t know how you cope with all that snow. They are saying the cold in the US is sending cold fronts across the Atlantic and we are getting dreadful storms and rain ,rain, and more rain over here, with lots of flooding in places. What is our world’s weather up to?? stay warm!!

    • Yes, the cold keeps coming with the rain and sleet… The snow doesn’t bother me as bad as the ice and near 0* temps. I could do with temps closer to the 30’s at least 😉

  3. I think you are right, I think this winter will be very cold with lots of snow! last week it was freezing here, it’s warmer today but we are expecting cold weather for the week (& we have lots of snow too) 🙂 glad to see your little helpers are doing well too! 🙂
    take care & stay warm!

  4. Its really cold here in Vero Beach FL where your poor old daddy is trying to cope.
    Its suppose to be all the way down to 54 tomorrow.
    Love you Dad.

  5. You had lots of snow, hope you didn’t get ice. They say we have freezing rain tonight and again tomorrow night not looking forward to that. Stay warm and safe in all that frozen stuff. Little Chase seems to enjoy snow. Hugs and nose kisses for you all from all of us!

    • Unfortunately, we did get ice.. its still causing issues. The snow was not as much. Chase did enjoy what we got though and even Baxter got into it more this time 😉 Hope you are safe and warm 🙂

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