It was snowing even before I got up this morning and I couldn’t see the ground or drive way then…

Snow drift
I had to get to the doctor though as things haven’t gotten better. Turns out I have a version of the flu that my flu shot didn’t cover and on top of it strep throat… yuck. So I am back in bed watching the snow fall and swirl around the house.

January mid 010
The chickens are safe in their coop and the pups are cozy on my chair (more about that later). These photos are from the last snow, but we already have this much on the ground. And I just think the drifted snow is so pretty… now that I don’t have to be out in it 😉

January mid 011
Hope wherever you are, that if you have snow, you can stay safe and warm and your animals are in their safe and warm places too 🙂

10 Comments on “The cold and the flu…

  1. You take care of you, lady!! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers the next few days as you get better.
    We’re having snow too and about an inch on the ground here in town and Hubby says we have about two at home now with much more to come as it’s supposed to end by 10:00 p.m.
    Get well!!

    • Thank you I am going to focus on getting better since the doctor gave me a not to be off till Friday… that way I can focus on getting better and not worry about work. I heard we are supposed to have 10 inches by 5 PM. I hope hubby can get off early at 12:30 like he plans to so he can get home as it is already bad here… it was already over my ankles when I got home from the doctor. It keeps coming down. You be safe going home and stay warm. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts I appreciate them 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear you are still not doing well. The flu is bad enough but strep throat on top of that oh, my! Take care of yourself sweet friend and I hope to hear real soon you are all well. Cold here but no snow. Hugs

    • Thank you… ya we have a big old snow storm here it is pretty since I can sit inside and look at it 😉 Hope you stay safe and warm 🙂

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