When the snow is coming down and the temperature drops, there is no place like your own home… warm and comfy to make things better. Our pups know this well as when it is cold and snowing outside, hubby and I are kicked out of our chairs and the dogs take over for a snooze…C and B 1

Who us mommy? We didn’t take your chair…’C and B3

We just barrowed it for a little while… we’ll give it back…C and B 2

In the spring 😉

6 Comments on “When it’s cold outside…

  1. Those pictures look like a very familiar sight around here. The only difference is Chancy thinks the chair is his and Popsy borrows it from time to time. lol Adorable pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

    • I know that feeling… Baxter thinks the chairs are his too… and Chase goes along with it 😉 It used to be he took hubbys chair, but recently it has been mine he has taken over 😉 Glad you like the pictures and glad someone can relate to my chair dilemma 😉

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