Today is hubbys birthday… he has to work poor guy. When he gets home I plan to have surprises including a big beef dinner and presents waiting 🙂Lornes Birthday Dogs

I wanted to say something special about hubby that I haven’t before so here is the top 5 things I love about him 🙂

1.) He is striving to be the kind of man God calls him to be.

2.) There is never a boring day in our house, between his humor, klutziness, and  antics it keeps you guessing.

3.) He  is a meat and potatoes guy. This may not be unusual for some of you, but I love it because I can make almost anything and he loves it… it helps when I want to try a new recipe 😉

4.) He is a hard worker. When he wants to do something and is motivated in his task he gets the job done 🙂

5.) He can entertain himself if I am busy, am taking a class/training, or want to go to a Christian women’s conference… he is supportive of my learning and growth.

So happy Birthday to the love of my life 🙂

4 Comments on “Happy Birthday Hubby :)

    • Steaks hubby cut himself, green beans, and smashed cauliflower all the way 😉 He got a new tow ball for his truck and is watching a guy movie after dinner…. his idea of a good birthday (going no where, a home cooked meal, and me doing all the chores 😉 ) He says thank you for the wishes 🙂

  1. What a nice post for your hubby. Hope he had a wonderful birthday and we wish for him many more filled with love, happiness and good health. Hugs

    • Thank you from hubby he was happy at all my followers and blogging friends that wished him a happy day… it made him smile 🙂 He had a good day and got to do exactly what he wanted to do. 🙂

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