The other day while driving with hubby to run errands we passed this house. I noticed something immediately about this house. The tree out front had cast a perfect showed on the front of the house. I also noticed how neat the snow looked, with different colors and textures in it.

House shadow

Can you see the tree shadow?

House shodows

I just thought it was such a pretty sight and feel a unique calm when I look at the photo now. It’s amazing how God came up with all of these different nuances in our world and how we can miss things if we aren’t present in the moment.

8 Comments on “Shadow

  1. Great image–it is like the trees have the house wrapped in a hug. I share your sentiments. God is everywhere, we simply need to look and open our minds in order to feel his presence. Beautiful pictures!


    • Ohhhh I like that image a shadow hug 🙂 God is everywhere and he places small blessings all around … like blogging friends like you 🙂

  2. What a beautiful photograph! I didn’t notice the shadow at first, until you pointed it out. You’re right, life has so much beauty if we look for it.

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