Icey Mess…

Monday we got some snow…

Bird feeder

That was okay on top of the couple inches we still had left from the last snow…

Case n coop

The stream that runs through our property gave the sound of a slow moving brook pushing on to bigger waters…


The birds enjoyed full feeders…

Bird feeders

The dogs played…


But then Tuesday night we had a not so lovely ice storm that covered the snow and left us with an ice rink all over the property…


It left ice cycles hanging all over the place dripping occasionally when it had stopped sleeting…

Picnic table

Even hubbys birthday flag I hadn’t gotten down yet was frozen in place… almost as if it was put on hold…

frozen flag

After the storm was over Wednesday and you looked around it was like a froze glass palace…

Tree ice

Shimmering and glistening like glass crystals hung in a farm house window on a sunny day…


The trees were covered in this magnificent ice coating that left them brittle…

Sky tree

Just as if at any moment they would come undone and fall to the ground (which some did)…

icey tree

The bushes were frozen in place not moved by an occasional gust of wind…

ice bush

The ice cycles hung from the trees giving off a soft drip… drip… drip…

icecycles 2

As it started to warm and the dogs and I went outside, you could hear the dripping of things melting and the falling of the ice from the trees…


It was a beautiful sound to hear in the peaceful quiet of the day…

Tree n chase

The dogs and I enjoyed being outside, them playing and me taking pictures…


It was fun to watch them react when a tree would loose some ice over their heads and they would scurry not to get hit, sliding across the frozen ground…

Trees n chase

The peace of the moment and putting aside how annoying/dangerous ice can be. I was able to connect with the beautiful world God created and enjoy a moment that others passed by.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becca's event horizon
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 08:46:31

    Beautiful photos.


  2. Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 08:54:28

    Ice is such a mysterious beauty to behold – as long as the lights stay on. 🙂


  3. Mags Corner
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 09:17:34

    What beautiful pictures of the snow and ice you have captured. I think ice covered trees, plants and other things just look magnificent. I also enjoy the sounds, especially when snow is falling. It makes me sad though to see the damage it does to the wonderful trees. Terrific pictures my sweet friend. Hugs and give the dogs some nose kisses for us.


    • Seasonsgirl
      Feb 08, 2014 @ 09:47:47

      Thank you I am glad you liked them. I agree it is sad when the ice damages the trees, but I tried not to notice… luckily while we were out there was no loss of limbs, just ice falling off the branches 🙂 I will pass along the nose kisses to Baxter and Chase 🙂


  4. Anne
    Feb 08, 2014 @ 09:49:48

    What wonderful pictures! I love them. Our dogs sometimes get the ice/snow caked in their feet and limp around a bit until we/they get them out. I remember our old lab, Taylor, in particular used to limp over to me and “ask” for me to help her get the ice ball off of her foot. Good memories 🙂

    Stay safe in the ice,


    • Seasonsgirl
      Feb 08, 2014 @ 09:54:47

      Yes, I saw Taylor on your most recent post, he does look like my Baxter 🙂 Our dogs get the snow balls caked in their paws also, especially Chase and we have to get them out. With the sheet of ice on top we haven’t had that problem this week, it is too solid to break and get into their paws 😉 Glad you liked the photos… I was fond of them myself and spent a lot of time taking them 🙂


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