The boys love it when it snows. They love to go outside and have some fun. When the snow is deep like it has been this past snow it makes things a little difficult, but they are ready to go when ever we go out to check on the chickens.

B and C 2

They follow us all around the yard guarding us when they hear a noise.

B and C 1

Baxter is especially keen to sounds and Chase to what he sees.

B and C 3

This snow has been especially fun for them, especially Chase who loves to follow the paths we have tunneled out for him.

B and C 4

We are trying to enjoy the snow as a family as we hear there is a hot summer on record for us, so we know when that comes we will be missing this cold (but not the wind 😉 ).

2 Comments on “Doggie Snow Day

  1. Nice pictures of Baxter and Chase. We hope the wind stops blowing there very soon, it makes it so much colder. You are right about the heat of summer we don’t look forward to that. We think it is easier to stay warm than to stay cool. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Thank you… I hope the wind goes away too… its no fun 😦 I am glad someone sees my point about not wishing away this weather as when it is hot we will wish it will be like this 😉

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