Finally sun…

After another snow fall on Monday and another 8 inches on the ground the sun broke through today after some rain. After it dried up a little Baxter and Chase had a grand time out in the yard playing. Then when they were done Baxter spent some time sunning…

Baxter leaves
Chase on the other hand never seems to loose energy so he followed me around for all the chores outside then took his watch dog pose from the back porch. He stopped his job long enough for this photo 😉Chase porch
The chickens were in most of the morning because it was still chilly and raining. I didn’t want to have to worry about them while I was at work. When I got home I let them out and they just seemed joyful as they pecked around the yard.Chickn
Hope you saw some sun today and had a good week. Wishing you a blessed and happy weekend 🙂

Happy Snowy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hello Blogging Friends… Hope you are having a safe and blessed St. Patrick’s Day.


In our neck of the woods we are having a very snowy and cold St. Patrick’s Day.

Snow shed

It snowed from 4 PM yesterday until about 2 today.


It took us about 2 hours to get things situated with the chicken’s, clean the driveway, and help our neighbor dig out his. Even with a snow blower it was a slow process as the snow was wet and caked up in the snow blower. The shovel was a better tool today 😉

Snow trees

The dogs had a grand time running all through the snow and by the time we got back inside they had tuckered themselves out. We had a quiet couple of hours while they took a nap. The snow has made it all white and pretty again. Despite the extra work, I don’t mind it, the snow makes for some peace in an otherwise too hectic world 🙂


It’s Snowing… Again…

I have officially lost count of how many times it has snowed this winter. I’m not complaining, I am grateful for the pretty snow and the peace it can bring to a day 🙂 Shed snow

The dogs have enjoyed watching the snow from the front porch…

Feb 2014 005

I wanted to show you the yummy gluten-free pizza I made the other night. I made the crust from scratch and added some herbs and garlic to the crust and it smelled so good. Then I made pizza sauce to use on top, then added some goat cheese, sautéed kale, artichokes, and black olives.Pizza

It was a yummy pizza 🙂 Even hubby had to admit it was a home run 😉 Hope you are staying warm where you are 🙂