So as promised yesterday I will fill you in on our trip. Today its all about the graduate (my hubbys nephew and so by marriage my nephew as well) šŸ™‚ He graduated from a small Christian academy in Indiana. His father (my brother-in law), is the pastor at this smallish church and one day about a decade ago he and my sister in law decided there needed to be a good Christian school for their kids, and others, to attend. So they talked about it with their church and started the school. My nephew was the first one to graduate doing all of his schooling, kindergarten to 12th grade, though only this school.

Evan grad

Each of the graduates made a table for the graduation with pictures, awards, etc that showed what they did while in school. (Nephew above with his table and yes he is tall 6’5″ to be exact at age 18)Ā There were only two seniors who graduated. Each night they have different events for the graduation. Wednesday there is a church service… Thursday a banquet where who whole school gathers for awards, a slide show, etc and all the kids dress up like it is promĀ (they don’t have dancesĀ so this is the one time the kids get to dress up outside of their normal dress up codeĀ for school). Friday is the actual graduation and the kindergarten and 6th graders graduate as well. The best part of the school is their motto…


It was a nice graduation and unlike any others I had been to. The kids have a real respect for adults, each other, and themselves šŸ™‚

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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