Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday hubby and I took the pups with us to run errands and then we took them to a park where they could run free and get out some energy. They just love to run and play in a new place and always come back smiling 🙂 It just makes my heart so happy when they are having a fun time and doing what dogs love to do 🙂

Chase running

At this park there is an old house where hubby and I sat on the front porch steps and watched them play while eating ice cream hubby got us from Sweet Frog. Then we walked around with the pups to work off all that delicious ice cream. The great thing about Sweet Frog is that they have dairy and gluten free ice creams so I can always find something good there and they have a toping bar – enough said 😉 I usually get the same toppings, but hubby mixes it up 🙂 (Sweet Frog did not pay me to say it… it’s jut the truth from my perspective).

ice cream

Our dogs always get to lick the bowels where the ice cream was as a treat and we always provide plenty of water in said bowls so the dogs get a little extra ice cream flavor in their water. They love this occasional treat of a run and ice cream water 😉 And hubby and I love to make them happy boys 🙂

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today my Mom turns —. Its her special day and she deserves a great big Birthday wish 🙂 My mom is a great lady and a great mom. She always tries to help hubby and I, is there when you need to talk, will lend a helping hand with any project we have around our place, and loves her granddogs 🙂


When I was growing up she always made sure I had many experiences, got to do a lot of what I wanted to, and got to travel a lot. From horses, to sports, travels to Europe, visiting most of the United States, to numerous pets, karate, piano, clarinet, other instruments, and so much more. I got to do a lot and see a lot, but mostly I got to feel loved a lot. See when I did these activates she was right there much of the time traveling with me, watching my sporting events, watching my music recitals, band gigs, or whatever I was involved in at the time. She said “I love you” a lot, gave my hugs and kisses, took good care of me when I was sick, and still kept good boundaries and made me follow the rules so I learned to be responsible, kind, and giving.


So here is to you Mom and Granddogmom 🙂 We all love you and can’t wait to see you very soon 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

Why We Write

My online friend, Midwest Mary  ( asked me to continue a series on writing that is being passed from one writer to another. There are four basic questions you may find of interest if you are a writer or interested in the writing process.

Here are the questions and my answers:

1. What are you working on?

Right now I am taking a break from writing projects. I have started a couple children’s books about my dogs, but got writers block and life got very busy.
So for now I mostly work on this blog 🙂

2. What makes your work different from others’ work in the same genre?

Mine is from a very personal aspect, I write about my life, my animals, and what I love. Each persons life is unique in its own way so no ones blog is exactly like mine 😉

3. Why do you write what you do?

I really enjoy writing about things that happen in my life, get input from other’s, and start a conversation if I can. I originally started writing blog to keep a record of the days in mine and hubbys life for our kids. It was also to share with other’s what I love about my life, share my struggles (so other’s may not feel so alone in theirs), and especially share my faith in God. The children’s books I started as I love my dog a lot (if you follow my blog you know how much 😉 ) and I wanted to share their story in a lesson like way that kids can learn from.

Boys park

4. How does your writing process work?

Two different ways usually for my blog…. the first is I take pictures of what hubby, the dogs, our other animals, etc. do and then write about them. The second is I think of something I want to write about and do the writing then find a photo to go with it.

For the children’s books, I just keep tabs on what the dogs do and then try to find a way to make it into a lesson to write about.

And now I tag two other writers that I choose to pass these questions to that I want to know more about and think you also will find of interest:

The first is my favorite blog and my close blogging friend Ann at Since Hubby and I have such an interest in raising animals and good animal care, Ann’s posts always speak to me as well as educate me 🙂

The second is Mag’s Corner I just love her photos, thoughts, and animals she rescues too (especially the pups 😉 )


Weekend Wishes…

It was a beautiful day here. The sun was out… it wasn’t too warm… and there was a slight breeze. Ideal for animal care and playing with the pups in the yard. I was happy to be off work and outside and enjoying the weather.


I hope you all have a blessed and happy weekend 🙂


I got home tonight and decided to check my blog and respond to some comments and low and behold I saw this:



Old Mills…

When I am driving and I see an old mill like this it makes my heart smile. I makes me feel like not all the old past ways are totally gone and that somewhere the old ways are appreciated and preserved in some way. I really enjoy seeing the mill wheels working and the water pushing though the wheel.

Water Mill

There is something soothing about this sound an how it washes out whatever is in your mind for a moment. I miss a lot of what was common to see when my family took drives when I was a child. Seeing something that was more common 25+ years ago is a treat and helps me to know not all is lost in this world gone electronic and fast paced. Is there anything you see from your childhood or young adulthood that is rare to see anymore? What is it and what kind of feelings and memories does it bring back for you?

Purple Sky…

I just love how God designed the sky on a beautiful day at sunset…

Purple Sky

Do you see all the colors? Purple, blue, orange, yellow… what a gorgeous sight 🙂 I think this kind of colored sky is one of my favorites. I love the bright orange/yellow sky like this…

Ornage sky

The orange sky is so bold an bright… But there is something to be said for the subtlety of a calm purple sky 🙂

Purplr sky

It just calms the soul, provides peace, and just makes you want to slow down and enjoy life 🙂


While in Indiana we had a day to have some fun. We wanted to go to Louisville, KY to go to a museum and the zoo. We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum.


It was really neat to hear the history of this famous bat and the company as a whole. We really enjoyed our tour of the factory and our guide was great. When we fist got to the part of town the factory was in all we could see was this…


The tippy top of the bat. But then after we parked we walked up and could see the whole big old bat…


The neat part of the entrance was a wall where they put the signature of all the plays they had made bats for.


It was a great experience and fun as hubby and I both enjoy baseball 🙂


Sometimes I feel like this…
May 2014 067
Like I’m driving down a road with no end, not really sure where I am going. The drivers in front of me seem to know their destination and exit the road as needed, but I keep driving. Down a long winding highway knowing it goes somewhere, but not being able to see around each bend or above each valley I go into.
When we visited Indiana something changed for me, or maybe I should say grew. I am tired of the business of where we live and so many people. I remembered being a country girl and having animals and responsibility around me in the form of feed times, animal care, etc. I miss the slower pace of life, the open spaces, and nicer people. I don’t know if this desire will come true or if its just a detour thought for what God has planned. I just know I am on a road… a road to somewhere.

New life…

My really great friend and best friend right now just had a new baby boy. I got to be at the birth and see him take his first breath. She had a home birth and I was blessed to be on her birth team. I didn’t do much besides provide support and then help a lot once he was out with getting him cleaned up, helping her though after birth pains, helping with the other kids, and cleaning up the house. My favorite part was a few moments I got alone with him when my friend needed to get a shower and be checked by the midwife and her hubby was busy putting the other kids to bed. Baby boy was just about 20 minutes old and just opening his eyes…


He is a precious and adorable little boy and I am excited to be “Auntie” to him and her other kids. When you can’t have kids of your own, its a blessing to be able to have a friend who is willing to share her kids with you and let you love on them 🙂 What a blessing to see a new life enter the world and be included in such a special event. 🙂

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