While on our trip we did a lot of driving to check out land and new places. We also had a day of fun and went to Louisville to the Sluggers Museum and the zoo. I took a lot of photos at the zoo and thought I would share some with you today 🙂

There were tigers…


And Lions…


And polar bears… oh my… and this particular polar bear liked to put on a show for the crowd by jumping off a rock. Only this polar bear didn’t just climb on the rock and jump… he would act like he was going to jump then not… once… twice…

Poler Bear 1

Then on the third time he would finally jump…

Polar Bear 2

And make a big splash…

Polar Bear 3

The rhino’s were up for some good photos…


Ant then these eagles were in an open areas. I guess they couldn’t fly anymore so there was no concern of them escaping so they didn’t need a cage…


It was a nice zoo and a beautiful day to be at the zoo 🙂

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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