My really great friend and best friend right now just had a new baby boy. I got to be at the birth and see him take his first breath. She had a home birth and I was blessed to be on her birth team. I didn’t do much besides provide support and then help a lot once he was out with getting him cleaned up, helping her though after birth pains, helping with the other kids, and cleaning up the house. My favorite part was a few moments I got alone with him when my friend needed to get a shower and be checked by the midwife and her hubby was busy putting the other kids to bed. Baby boy was just about 20 minutes old and just opening his eyes…


He is a precious and adorable little boy and I am excited to be “Auntie” to him and her other kids. When you can’t have kids of your own, its a blessing to be able to have a friend who is willing to share her kids with you and let you love on them 🙂 What a blessing to see a new life enter the world and be included in such a special event. 🙂

6 Comments on “New life…

  1. I had an aunt who did not have children of her own. She and I would do special things together as well as have meals she made just for me and sleepovers. Those were special memories that still warm my heart. Children can never have too many people to love them.

  2. So amazing you got to be there! What a special friend. I’ll pray you’ll soon hold your own baby. I wish there were words I could write to comfort you…

    • Yes, she is a special friend and we appreciate your prayers… its tough to want your own and not get that blessing, but is a blessing to have a friend willing to let me share in this experience and her/ her kids/families life 🙂

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