Have you ever watched RFD-TV? Hubby and I just love it. We learn all about agriculture, animals, farming, ranching, and good ole’ county life. It reminds us of growing up in rural areas and where my family still lives in Nebraska. It helps us to know there is still hope for our farming/ ranching dream.

Barn Farm

Some days in the hustle and bustle of life our dreams of getting away from the suburba-country, as we call it, seems so distant and out of reach. But watching thing that have to do with our dream makes it feel a little more obtainable and helps us keep our hope alive. It also helps us to know there are still good people and good Christians out there who want to do the right thing, grow good and healthy food, and care to help each other keep the dream alive. So today’s post is for all the farmers and ranchers out there. We appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and that you truly are the heart of America.

6 Comments on “RFD

  1. I loved RFD when we had DirecTV. My grandparents, who are in their 80s, love the channel and they told me about it. Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed Big Joe’s Polka Show most of all!

    • Yes, it is great programing and speaks the truth. The polka show that is popular now is Molly B’s. I hadn’t seen Joe’s yet. I will keep an eye out 🙂

      • Oh no, Joe’s is gone!!! Now I’ll look up Molly B’s. Polka is so awful but for some reason, I like watching people in ridiculous outfits dance to it. lol

      • I haven’t seen that show… doesn’t mean it’s not there, just I haven’t seen in. I it fun to watch them in their unique outfits 😉

  2. Without farmers there would be no food. I’m just not sure the average consumer understands that. 🙂 I wasn’t aware of that channel and the last time I saw RFD was when it was part of my grandparents’ farm address. Good memory. 🙂

    • Agreed… you can probably imagine the many people I run into that have a false impression about the food/agriculture industry and focus on the negative and usually false reports out there instead of the truth. Honestly I would much rather have my food from here in the USA then other countries with less monitoring etc. then we have here. I am glad to bring back a good memory for you 🙂

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