We had a couple of nice weather day’s this week, a couple of rainy and stormy days, and a couple of hot days. The dogs were happy to go out on the nice days and as always Chase was out with us even when it was hot. We got some more chores done around the property and started on some inside things that need to get done. Inside chores are best done during the hot parts of the day.

Polar Bear show

The heat reminded me of the polar bear above, that we saw at the Zoo in Louisville, KY when we took our trip in May. It was a hot day and he was just having so much fun jumping in the water and swimming all over his enclosure. It was like he was putting on a show for everyone and the more “awwww’s” and “wow’s” he got the better his show got. And he really seemed to enjoy the nice cool water to take his swim in.

Poler Bear Swims

Hope you are having a nice summer and getting to take a cool dip when you need to so you can cool off from this summer heat 😉

4 Comments on “Happy Summer Weekend!

  1. We have our swim team qualifiers meet tomorrow and I am sure that I will enjoy the cool water as much as your polar bear 😀

      • So very proud of our kids. 46 Swimmers — 195 events — 25 relays. It was a great day for this coach and Mama 🙂 Looking forward to the championship meet next weekend as most of our kids qualified!

      • That is amazing.. way to go TEAM 🙂 I would say good luck in he championship, but it seems you have all the talent you need 🙂 Still good luck and fast swimming 🙂

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