Hope you are having a blessed and beautiful Sunday. It is a hot and humid day here, but we are getting things done despite this. I have even gotten in some baking including two new loafs of bread, a fresh batch of granola bards, and some scones for this week. The dogs were outside for a while with me and then came in and crashed under the ceiling fans to cool off.

Bax n Chase

I am hoping to get some more inside chores and organization done now that I am inside for a while hiding from the heat. Makes me grateful this Sunday for AC and fans 😉 I am also grateful for the new visitors that came to our church today. As some of you know hubby and I joined a very small rebuilding church last September and are very active with this church ever since. I play the piano, help with the kiddos, bake for events and Sunday service, and help wherever is needed. Because hubby works he can’t help every Sunday, but shows leadership in other ways like though handyman work, helping at bible studies, and pitching in where he can and is asked to. This weeks project for us is repairing the current church sign as well as sanding and repainting it. The current sign is just basically two old doors hinged together that we can sit outside of the school we use each Sunday. It will be nice to give it a face lift 🙂  We also have church friends who are moving soon so we will be busy helping them pack and move before August 1st. We have a busy week ahead and wish you all a blessed and “cool” week 🙂

2 Comments on “Sunday… Sunday… la la

  1. How lovely to have such heat! We’ve been blessed with much coveted sun over the last 2 days, but up here in England, you always have to have a cardigan strapped to your waist, just in case.
    Im glad you are so settled in your lovely little church. One day you will look back and be touched by the fact that you were one of the ‘founders’.
    It must be lovely having Sunday School in the sun. At our church, the children (300 of them) are told to keep their coats on as the upper level floors have no proper heating yet. But who cares? We both love our churches don’t we? It doesnt matter how small, how old, how hot, or how cold our buildings are, because the Lord is present and blessing us all, wherever we are across the globe. I love hearing stories about the activity in other churches, as it keeps me grateful for what ive got.
    Thanks for a great post.

    • Funny how people want the opposite of what they have. This past winter I was cautioning people not to wish away the cold as it was predicted to be a very HOT summer and now I hear those same people wishing for cold. For me I would rather have it a little chilly and put on a sweater then be too hot as you can only take so much off 😉 I have friends in England and have been over there several time and enjoyed my time there 🙂
      You are right about the church and enjoying what we have in the churches we attend 🙂 I also like to hear the good churches are doing as here in the USA we hear more about the negative then the positive so any positive thing is great news. You are also right about where ever the Lord is present we are blessed 🙂 So glad to hear about your church and agree about gratitude 🙂

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