We have a sick chicken. I tried what the feed store lady suggested and only minimal improvement. The poor girl 😦 About a week ago I noticed her crown had slumped over and she was not as peppy. When I picked her up she was skinny and when I watched her I noticed her potty was runny. The feed store lady suggested goat dewormer and I had seen that suggested several times on Backyard chicken site. So we tried it and I see minimal difference.

Yellow dalia

So today I tried other things like checking for egg binding and crop impaction. I didn’t see she had either, but gave her a nice Epsom salt bath and gave her some mashed carrots that had crushed calcium and olive oil in it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. She seemed to like the mixture and ate some of it. She took a nap and I saw she actually drank water. So now I am out of diagnosis and ideas… Any of you have any ideas? I can post pictures if that will help or give you more information if you want to know something specific. I just hate to see her sick. None of the other girls are sick so that is good πŸ™‚ Thanks for any help you may have πŸ˜‰

16 Comments on “Chicken sick… poor girl

  1. It’s so tough to care for a sick animal. Our dog has been fighting some yet to be identified illness resulting in a very low platelet level. It is so hard when you can’t have a conversation with your pet to figure out what they are really feeling. I hope you get something figured out soon!

    • It is tough when they can’t tell you what is wrong. I am trying to read her behavior and symptoms and treat those and not doing any further damage. I just hate to see her sick. I hope your pup is better soon πŸ™‚

    • Ya, we have a couple that have started their molt even though its still warm here. I was told extra protein helps them get though their molt quicker and better so we are giving ours meal worms. I appreciate your good wishes for our girl πŸ™‚

  2. I feel your pain, because we’ve been dealing with the same problem of sick chickens. (We’ve lost 2 hens, this summer) We just dewormed the remaining 3 hens, and, after a few days, are seeing some improvement with their appetite, weight gain, and energy. One of the 3 is still questionable though.
    I don’t have any other suggestions for you, but I hope your sick girl makes it, because it’s heart-breaking to lose one.

    • It is hard to loose one when you put so much effort into them. I hope what we are doing will help her. I hate to see her not feeling 100%. I hope your chickens get better as well. πŸ™‚

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your sick girl. I just lost our Sweet Chip this week to some unknown digestion issue. She was by far our favourite chicken from our flock of 9. It seems that chickens are very hard to cure because, by the time they show signs of illness, they are often too far gone to cure. I wish you and her best of luck and health.

    • I’m sorry to hear abut your chick as well. WE lost one of our first group of ladies a couple years ago and she died in my arms… it was so hard. I am doing what I can for my lady and it seems she may be getting better, but you never really know. She is eating and drinking, she is out pecking, and is moving pretty good. Her crown even seems a little more red. I guess only time will tell. πŸ™‚

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