As most of you know hubby and I love to find new places to take the dogs for a hike. On one of our explorations this summer we found a neat place to hike that even had an apple tree we could pick from…

Apples in skirt

Chase was especially interested in what was in mommy’s skirt…

Chase n apples 3

He took his time in checking it out…

Chas n apples 2

I think we have a good new walking spot that even provides dessert once we get home 😉

8 Comments on “Summer Walk

  1. We used to go picking apples (pears & plums, too!) with our 1st Siberian, & then with our son, when we lived in Sussex County, NJ! Great way to start the Fall season (which I miss now that we live in FL!!).
    Did you injure your wrist??? I have one of those braces handy for when I trim palm branches…or my wrist will give out!! Have a Blessed Lord’s Day!!

    • What a nice memory you have… thanks for sharing 🙂 Yes, I hurt my wrist last year and had it in different braces off an on after I saw my doctor. She finally sent me to an orthopedist and they found a lateral tear in my wrist ligament and bad tendonitis so now I am in physical therapy and wearing this soft cast. Thanks for asking 🙂 Hope you are well 🙂

      • I had to go to therapy at one time, too…got to minister to people, so felt like that’s where God needed me to be at the moment…you will, too!! Yes, we’re well…school & drama practice has started, so we’re back into our crazy routine! We’re starting a worship service this year with our drama team, so please pray for God’s guidance and presence in all we do!! God Bless!!

      • That seem like a great use of time 🙂 My hubby got hurt over the weekend and tore his rotator cuff so I guess once we figure out if he needs surgery then he will be in physical therapy too 😉
        Glad your back in the swing of school and a routine 🙂 We will be praying for your drama team 🙂 I’m sure it will be great 🙂

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