It’s been a long time since I blogged. So much has been going one.  Hubby got hurt at work and is now off work for 6 weeks minimum, my Uncle died, we lost two chickens to something we aren’t sure what, hubby is sick now… whew… and my brain has forgotten all the other changes and business…


On the positive we are sticking this all out together and our dogs are cute helpers to me since I have to do all the chores etc. Its been a busy last few weeks. Today is a beautiful Sunday, cooler and sunny. The boys are out on the deck sunning and barking at the neighbors horses who are more active today. The chickens are out pecking in the yard and sunning their feathers.  It’s a beautiful way to start the week. I hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday.

20 Comments on “Changing…

  1. Sorry to hear about Hubby, your uncle and the loss of the chicks.
    I hope you will now have better times in your life. My Spotty went to ‘doggy heaven in August and my new dog Fan went missing for 8 days but now back and we are now bonding. Look forward to reading your blogs again. Mary x x

    • Oh I am so glad to hear that Fan is back 🙂 It is always hard to loose a pet and for me a the loss of a dog is hard. I hope Fan can help you heal and I always believe our passed pup sends us our new one to love 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear your hubby is unwell. Wish him better from me. I’ve not been well myself and all you wish for is for things to return to normal, which for me they are just abouts now, so get well soon to him. sorry about your chickens too. One of ours was flighty and kept flying out of the hen run and in the end she was taken by a fox, there was nothing we could do about it.

    • Thank you, he is never happy being sick and not able to do things. He said thank you for your well wishes 🙂 I am sorry to hear you have not felt like yourself. I think that is going around 😉 With the chickens it is sad each time, but it is helping me think of them as more farm animals and less as the “pet” mentality so if we are ever blessed with our dram ranch/farm it will be easier with the other animals. I am sorry to hear about your chicken as well. We have two that are in “chicken jail” every day because they like to jump their fenced in area as well and I am worried they would get gotten. We built a little fenced in area they can still forage in the grass outside with the other girls, but it has bird netting over that area so they can’t get out. When they like to jump their safe area there is only so much we can do 😉

  3. So sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle. Hope your husband is recovers very soon. Sorry about the loss of the chickens too. Glad to hear you have nice weather and hope your Sunday has been good. Hugs and we send nose kisses for the dogs

    • Thank you. My uncle had been in assisted care for a while now with Alzheimer’s and my Aunt died last year. The chickens you can’t help… I don’t like loosing them, but I did all I could to save the last one. Sunday was better then Saturday as my migraine is finally letting up and I got some ketchup made to can later this week so the tomatoes won’t go bad. Hope you have had a great Sunday 🙂

  4. So sorry to hear about all of your troubles. Hopefully, brighter days are just over the horizon 🙂

  5. Sounds like you are having a challenging beginning to fall. Glad to hear that your days recently are getting better — it is no fun to have health issues, and loosing those that we love is never easy.

    When things get tough for me, I always tell myself, “Anne, God will not give you anything that you cannot handle. He believes in you — now, you must believe in you.” There are times that this becomes a personal mantra and I find myself repeating it often. The good news is that it has been accurate 🙂

    I am so sorry for everything — glad to hear that the sun is out — and look forward to more good news of healing. Please tell your hubby to get well soon!


    • Ya, its been a challenging few weeks and months now. We are trying to keep faith and just go with what we have. Funny, I was thinking about what your mantra as I used to think that too, but someone else told me God does give us more then we can handle so then we learn to lean on him. I think that’s what is going on for us now. Thanks for your well wishes and thoughts 🙂 Hubby says thank you as well. We are working on getting us both healed and getting things not back to the way they were, but hopefully moved onto something happier and better 😉

      I hope you all are well and having a good harvest season and preparations for winter are going well. We have already started preparing things around here for winter even though it may be a few months off its been cold enough the last couple of day that it reminded me to get things started 🙂

      Thanks again Anne 🙂

      • Great point — different take on the mantra. Yes, that makes sense to me as well.

        We are getting close to our busiest time of year at the feed yard with this week being the last one to get “projects” done before we are inundated with a heavy daily chore load. It seems that the work load gets heavier as the days get shorter!

        Our girls are also keeping us hopping with sports events — Ashley Grace is in the midst of Cross Country and Megan has her first volleyball tournament this Thursday. Karyn is waiting patiently for soccer to start soon 🙂

        I wish you both the best — stay strong and keep the faith. Challenges broaden our perspective and allow us to have a more empathetic outlook on life (at least that has been my experience).

        Take care,

      • Thanks Anne. Its so great to hear about the girls. I am proud of them all and I don’t even know them but though your blog 🙂 I am so happy for Megan, it makes me miss my volleyball season 🙂 I am sure Ashley Grace is doing well with cross country 🙂 We are trying to stay strong in God and look at this in the right way. I always appreciate your comments and supports and can’t wait for the day we can meet in person 🙂 How are Ashley Graces chickens? Have a blessed week 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your uncle. I’m also sad to hear your hubs is hurt and sick. Not a good mixture. I’m sure you have your work cut out for you, although you sound you are tending to everything just fine with the help of your boys. 😉 I know they will surely keep you smiling. Sad about the chicks, too. It’s great you find the positives in each day. May the rest of this week bring only blessings of joy for you and your family. My prayers are sent on y’all’s behalf. *hug*

    • Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes. I think of you as one of my blogging prayer warriors 🙂 I have to try to find the positive in each day if not I get too much in my own pity party 😉 Some days I am more successful at this then others. I do have my work cut out for me, but luckily have been able to get most things done and just put off other things that I could till later. I have several “priority” lists that helps me stay organized. I also had a neighbor that has been helpful until we got our mower fixed. Keep up the prayers and pray hubbys insurance quits trying to deny his claims because workman’s comp wont pay…. ug. Thanks again 🙂

      • I totally know what you are saying. We all need to look for the beauty and positives each day. Each morning, on the way to taking Hallie to school, we talk about what we’re both thankful for. It helps sooooo much to focus on the good of what we have. We have many more blessings than bad stuff. For some reason, the negative can take over and weigh us down but we have to try to focus on those great things to bring us out of the dark. I have priority lists, too. That helps a ton. I have my To Do List and label everything a “1” for Have To Do Today and Do It First. Then give each 1 an “a, b or c,” depending on the order of getting it done. That’s a sweet neighbor!! More and more prayers sent on y’all’s behalf daily, including the insurance company. *love and hugs sent your way* 🙂

      • Yep, you got it 🙂 I find when there is a lot of negative for a long time it’s easy to get weighed down. I try to use my blog to keep the positive going and keep my outlook up 🙂 Sounds like you have similar “to do” lists to me 🙂 I am very grateful for your prayers. Have a blessed rest of the week 🙂

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