In September we went to our State Fair. I have gone to the state fair in this state every year since we moved here,  except the year I got married and last year I wasn’t able to either. Instead of mom and dad going with me, now its usually mom, step-dad, and if I’m lucky hubby, if he is not working. They also moved the location of the fair and most people like it, but it just isn’t the same for me. There seems to be a lot less “stuff” and things going on at the fair. I don’t know if it is because agriculture and animals are not as important to people now as they used to be, except to those of us who care for them or those who do the farming and ranching, but it’s just not the same. It may be my own memories throwing it off because as a child the fair was my favorite part of the year, whether I was showing that year, or not. It was just good family time. Where the fair is held now, is the farm where “Secretariat” was born and kept.


This barn above is the barn that famous horse was kept and below is the plaque explaining that…


The stall is nothing special, but it is neat to see.


The state fair is over for the year and I am happy I got to go and hubby got to come as well. Even if it isn’t the same I still look forward to the State Fair every year. I love to watch all the kids and adults ride horses, show cows, and participate in all the competition there. Do you go to the state or local fairs in your state?

6 Comments on “State Fair Barn Visit

  1. We don’t often get to the state fair in Nebraska — the time seems to slip away. My girls have gotten so involved in sports and between those and farm chores, most years pass by without us making it to the fair.

    Glad that hubby got to go with you 🙂

    • My mom said her grandparent’s used to take her and her brother to the Nebraska State fair for many years when she was young. I can understand getting busy and missing out on things like fairs. I hope someday the stars align and you all can get there if you wanted. I hope the girls are doing well 🙂 Any eggs yet?

      • No eggs yet, but we all wait expectantly for the first one! I found myself outside talking to the chickens the other day, asking them when they were going to start to provide for us…Ashley Grace laughed at me 🙂

      • Tell her I talk to my chicks as well especially now that I’m not getting any eggs due to weather changes and molting. I miss my eggs. 😦

  2. That is so cool. Great horses I remember the exciting races with Secretariat. What a horse! Thanks for sharing this. Hugs

    • That is exciting. I don’t remember the races much from that time, as I was smaller and more into riding then watching, but I know he was an amazing horse 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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