Month: January 2015

The (Not) So Big Snow

It snowed last night and into early this morning, but we didn’t get as much as expected. I couldn’t get to work so I got to stay home with the boys. We went out this morning in the snow to check on the chickens and to let the boys play. The snow was deep enough it was fun, but not so deep they couldn’t … Read More The (Not) So Big Snow

Snow, Dogs, Birds, and Chickens

Didn’t get as much snow today as they originally predicted, but it snowed most of the day lightly. When I got home from work we took the boys outside to play and help us get the chickens ready for the snow that started around 6 tonight. The chicken water tank was frozen over. Luckily the one inside the coop is holding up well and … Read More Snow, Dogs, Birds, and Chickens

It starts…

The weather man says the forecast is a mix of snow and ice, with a little rain mixed in. So that means where we live it will be all snow and ice. It started about 2 hours before they said as well. This wintery mix is set to continue until Monday. Hopefully it won’t be too bad tomorrow morning as I have to go … Read More It starts…

Snow Time

The forecast says we are to have snow from now until Monday. We had a couple inches today… But they say more is coming from Friday to Monday. The chickens refuse to go out in the snow so even though their door was open… not a chicken was seen. Still the boys had fun out in the snow. Chase enjoyed checking out the chicken … Read More Snow Time


I’m not getting off to a good blogging start this year,  but I still wanted to wish you a… Happy New Year!