The forecast says we are to have snow from now until Monday. We had a couple inches today…

1st snow

But they say more is coming from Friday to Monday. The chickens refuse to go out in the snow so even though their door was open… not a chicken was seen.


Still the boys had fun out in the snow. Chase enjoyed checking out the chicken fence parameter and leaving his footprints in the snow 🙂

Chase patroll

Any of you get any snow today too?

6 Comments on “Snow Time

  1. Our chickens also refuse to go out in the snow…We covered part of the run so that there would be a smaller place that would remain “snow free”. But, your coop is bigger than our’s so your laying ladies have more room to move around without leaving the coop.

    Enjoy the white landscape and the pups 😊


    • Yes I haven’t met a chicken that likes the snow (except to eat it). When we started out our coop was not so big. Over time we learned we wanted a bigger coop especially since we had 18 chickens at the time and they needed more room when they can’t come out in the bad weather or snow. Its working out and sounds like yours have some snow free space they enjoy as well 🙂

  2. We’re in a winter drought with about 8 or 10 inches since November. Most of that has melted and now there is only 2 or 3 inches on the ground. Warm, too, in 20’s to low 30’s above zero for over a week and will be like that for at least another.

    My chickens don’t care much for snow either. They’ve got a large coop (8 by 16 feet and 10 feet high) but I spread a thick layer old hay in front of the door so they can get out in the sun.

    Nice idea using the clear panels for walls. I put a few on the roof to let in light plus a big plexiglass window on the south side.

    • Our coop is 8 tallx8widex16 long. so your ladies have a couple more feet then ours. At first hubby thought I was crazy building it so big, but I think he is glad now. Especially when the ladies have to be in for days because of the snow. We used to have tarps on the sides, but I wanted something that could stand up to the wind better and let in more light. Its usually 4-10* warmer in the coop then outside it. So it was a good investment.

      Hope your weather gets better and stays the way you like it 🙂 Have a blessed weekend 🙂

  3. We didn’t in our neck of the woods but forecasters say it’s on the way. Hubby bought in extra wood to the woodbox and bedded down the dogs good yesterday. He’s moving extra hay rolls to the woods for the cattle. It probably won’t do anything now. 🙂

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