On the official first day of spring it looked like this at my house…

1st day spring

And the snow just kept coming down, until poor Chase had a hard time getting around…


But finally it looks like this week spring is defeating winter as there are buds on the tree and a flower or two blooming.


Its still cold, but warming up. I can’t wait for all the spring flowers 🙂

7 Comments on “First Day of Spring… or was it?

  1. It was a beautiful day today 70’s, but tornado clouds, strong winds and sirens were howling last night in our area of Kentucky. That’s sure spoils the warm, rainy, spring showers that I use to love when I was a child. 😦

    • 70’s are nice, but I am sorry to hear about the tornados. I grew up going to KY to see family a lot when I was growing up and remember seeing those clouds coming over the mountain. We get those in VA, but luckily they don’t touch down as much here. I don’t miss them. I hope all is well 🙂

  2. That seems to be what “spring does” — flirts back and forth between winter and a peak of what summer might bring! I agree that I am ready for green grass, full trees, and flowers. I am going to plant my lettuce and spinach today in the garden (ever the optimist :)! My hubby will start planting alfalfa in his fields this coming week.

    We had snow on Thursday but sunny and sixty degrees by yesterday afternoon. Glad to see the pups out having fun. Hope that you all are well. Is your hubby all healed up?


    • Hey Ann,
      Good to hear from you. I herd about your snow last week. My Grandma said she even got it on her side of the state.
      I also have planted some lettuce… hoping 😉 I hope your hubby has a good planting season. I always loved a beautiful alfalfa field… or wheat field…. or soy bean field… they are so pretty 😉
      The pups are enjoying the warming weather and we were out today hiking.
      Hubby is healing slowly but surely. We go back to the doctor Monday. Fingers crossed the doctor is happy with his progress. Thanks for asking 🙂
      Hope you had a great week 🙂

    • I don’t mind winter until the snow melts and it’s all muddy and sloppy… ugggg… today the grass in our area got really green all of a sudden… I guess spring is trying to show itself. 🙂 Happy Spring to you 🙂

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