We broke down and got some more cuteness this year in the form of 10 new baby chicks…

Baby Chicks 4

We have been debating getting new birds, but since we lost a few more of our oldest chickens this year we decided it was time to get new ones… especially since our egg production is down. We got them when they were one day old and they are so tiny.

Baby chick 5

I forget every time how small they are. I know they have to fit in an egg… but serious small cuteness here…

Baby Chicks 2

Chase is beside himself wanting to play with this new flock of babies, but has been resisting and trying to sit patiently as hubby and I handle the baby’s and maintain their living area right now.

Chase chicks

Baxter could care less… he has been though this so many times and is such a laid back pup, that once he smelled them and looked at them he was over it and was back in his chair. I love to check on the babies every day when I get home and just watch them.

Baby Chicks 1

I change out things in their box every few days and on their first change they got a mirror added… They seem to love the mirror and often are caught looking in the mirror or sleeping in front of it… It’s hilarious 😉

Baby Chicks 3

We ended up getting 5 New Hampshire chicks and 5 Columbian Rock Cross chicks. It’s nice to have babies in the house again and hear their little chirps 🙂

8 Comments on “New Baby Chicks 2015

    • The green eyes is because of the flash… I don’t have a program to fix that but needed to use the photo…. actually that pup is my Chase, he is a regular star on my blog and a very sweet pup.

    • Yes, we always get them presexed not straight run… we don’t need a rooster 😉 This is our third time in this home getting chicks so we are regulars and know the dos and don’t now 🙂

  1. We kept our baby chicks in a large box under a small table in our bedroom. We had the light in it and a tablecloth over the table draping down to the floor so they would be warmer and privacy for them and for us at night. I loved the sound of their little chirping. It actually was hard to get to sleep at night after they were big enough to be moved out of our room. 🙂

    • That is a cute story 🙂 I can hear them chirp as you sleep. We usually start our out in a large plastic tote and right now they are in a big box in our basement under a heat lamp. Eventually they move into a watermelon crate and then the baby coop outside once they can regulate their temperature. Thanks for sharing your story I enjoyed it 🙂

  2. There’s nothing quite as sweet as new baby chicks. We got seven new ones back in September. They just grow up too fast!

    • what kind of baby chicks did you get?
      I agree there is not much sweeter then a baby chick.. maybe a baby puppy 😉

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