Poor Chicken

One of our Buff Chickens has a hurt leg…

Buff chicken

We don’t know how it happened and only can assume it may have happened when she jumped off her perch one morning. She has been hobbling around some, she is eating, and drinking so I’m not sure what we should do…. or if we should leave her alone to heal ? We can’t see anything wrong and when we press on her leg and the joint above she doesn’t peck at us or show pain, but who knows. Any ideas?

Adventures for Baby Chicks

Our baby chicks are growing and as you know from my last post are able to regulate their body temperature enough where they can be out in the yard on nice warm days.

Chick pen

As you can see from the above photo when they go outside they are placed in our newly built chicken tractor so they are safe to explore and birds or other things can’t get to them.

chick pen white

At first they were very timid and huddled together when they went out. But now they jump, run around, explore, peck at the grass, and act almost like a big chicken would.

Chick pen 2

Its really funny to watch them fight over spaces even though they have a big chicken tractor to be in. Their favorite space is a laying box we put in there for them to get used to.


This white baby chick thinks she rules the roost sometimes…

chicks box

But she usually gets pushed out of the box after a while.

chicks box2

They are also learning to use a big girl water feeder…

Chick water

They got used to that pretty fast.

Chicks water

For the most part the big chickens ignore the baby’s in their pen. Maybe because I haven’t planted my garden yet so they get to go into that to scratch in during the day…

Big Chicks

Still they are pretty close together, yet enjoying their own unique spaces I guess.

Chick yard

The baby chicks just enjoy each day they get to be out and right now they are fast asleep back inside and in their heat lamp area. Night Night baby chicks 🙂



Mother’s Day

A very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there, but especially to my Mom and Grandma 🙂

Light Purple flower








I love my mom and grandma and all they have taught me. My Grandmother started me on my love of baking and encourages me to stick with my faith when my fears set in. She is helpful to others even when it inconveniences her and she is just fun to spend time with. Our favorite activity outside of baking together, is playing cards (watch out she cheats 😉 ). My mom showed me many parts of the world letting me travel a lot when I was younger and always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to. My mom and I like to do projects together, sew together, go shopping together, and just like to hang out and have fun. Speaking of fun… since it’s mother’s day I thought I would share a few photos of our baby chicks first day out in the real world…

Baby chicks

The other day we took them out while we built a new chicken tractor (more on that later). We put the baby chicks near the house as there was plenty for them to hide under and allow them safe space for sunning….

baby white

or Shade…

Baby red


Baby white chick

or Resting…

white chick

We kept a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t get into anything that would hurt them, but they did really good 🙂 Overall they got used to being outside and their adventures since have been easier for them (more on that later too). 😉

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Hope your day was a blessing 🙂