Our baby chicks are getting big and are out in the big coop with the big girls full time now. At first we had to teach the babies to go into the coop each night. In order to do this hubby, our dog Chase, and I had to basically “herd” them in each night.

Rounded chicks 2

After a few nights of “herding”, one night we went out and they were all in there. A couple of my New Hampshire’s were even roosting with the big girls. (Another reason my chicks are smarter the hubbys 😉 )

Rounded chicks

Now two of mine and one of hubbys Columbian Rock crosses  are roosting with the big girls and the others have found their respective spots in the small hutch in the coop, on those roosts. And one of each kind has found the new roosts we put in the coop for them. Over all it was a good transition for our now 10 week old chicks 🙂

6 Comments on “Round em’ up…

  1. Your girls are at the same stage mine are and I love going to visit them in the afternoon when I gather the eggs. I winded up with two cockrels and they are beginning to make up with my older hens to the chagrin of “Barney”. When full grown they’ll be twice his size so I’m thinking his days of courting are numbered. Don’t you just love the way the girls come close and talk with you!!
    I have a small room off the big roosting area that I transplanted them in with their own roost about a month or so ago but some of them are roosting with the big girls along with one of the young boys.

    • Yes, I love all the stages. They do come up to us when we talk to them and some will willingly let us pick the up easily, but others are still a little skittish despite all our handling of them. Its fun to see them start to eat scraps like the big girls and play outside during the day. Its just so amusing 🙂
      We have a watermelon box the babys are in for a week or so until they orient to the coop and the big girls get used to them being in the coop. Then we fold up the box, but leave it in there for them to hid in if they need to and we feed them behind it so they get the right food and the big girls don’t eat it. Once they are all on the same food we will move the box out and they will be big enough to be on their own. Its a fun step down process.
      Glad yours are doing so well. What kind did you get and how many?

  2. I also raised chicks and had a lot of fun with them. Right now I have a flock of 8 but I no longer allow them to wander the property during the day as I used to — too many predators! I really miss watching their antics and listening to my rooster begging at the back door. Enjoy!

    • We fenced in about a half acre that our dogs are in that the chickens are in too. With the dogs in the same area the predators don’t come that close. But we see the fox and racoon and smell the skunks sometimes. So far so good. Good luck with your ladies and thanks for commenting. 🙂

  3. Awww! This age reminds me of teenagers. Almost there, but just a little awkward! And I’m so impressed your dog herds chickens instead of chewing on them!

    • Ya occasionally we have to remind him not to chase them but he does well with them. And our black dog tolerates them and really doesn’t want anything to do with them. They are like a teen with all the attitude 😉

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