Our kitten is such a joy and FUN! We have had such a good time with him and the dogs are enjoying his craziness too. They like  to watch him skitter all over the house and jump to and fro. What a crazy boy he can be…


Christmas with him was a lot of fun… he added a new level of smiles. His favorite parts were running among the presents, playing with his stocking, checking out his new toys, and chilling on our tree skirt once all the presents were out of the way.


My favorite part of having him is the snuggles. When he sleeps he melts my heart with all his little faces and poses with his little paws. And his purring oh my I just LOVE it… his motor just runs and runs and makes you feel happy 🙂


He is a happy boy and a joyful addition to our family 🙂


If I don’t get to write another post this year I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

9 Comments on “Kitten Cuteness

    • Hey
      So good to hear from you. We have been checking out property down in southern Virginia recently and thought of you.
      The dogs are loving Grayson, he’s been a great addition to our family. It’s been funny watching them play sometimes Grayson acts like a dog and at other times the dogs are so gentle in their play it’s like they know he’s a baby kitten not a pup.
      Funny you called me ladybug I love it because that’s my nick name symbol from hubby. I hope you have a very blessed and prosperous 2016 as well. 🙂

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