Yesterday it snowed quite a bit and today the ice and icy rain is making everything a slick mess. The dogs were slipping and sliding all around like they were on a ice rink. It made me feel bad they were slipping, but it was cute to see them try to stay upright. The chickens are staying in their coop/run again today. They have a flock block, food, hay, and water…

They started to flock ;)as soon as I put the block down.

They started to flock 😉 as soon as I put the block down.

They get all sorts of treats when there is bad weather to keep them busy and keep them from getting bored. So the flock blocks are a rare treat but has the ability to keep them all busy. They especially like it on top of hay they can scratch in as well.

Even our hurt girl got in n the action (she is the one in the middle here).

Even our hurt girl got in on the action (she is the one in the middle here).

One of our New Hampshire’s was looking at the other girls pigging out for a while, before she finally joined in and had some.

Chicken head

At least on a yucky day you can still get some entrainment from your flock of chickens. another perk besides the fresh eggs. 🙂

8 Comments on “Snow Chickens

    • We have a couple that actually will if they are out so we have to be careful as they can get frost bite (I’ll have to post pictures of this). Most chickens won’t but we have a few brave (or crazy) ones. It may be good yours wont go on the snow so you don’t have t worry. 🙂

      • I think it is good, but it’s also funny… it makes me laugh when I scrape the snow back and they tread on it in a way you know they don’t like it.

      • Ya they are funny when you let them out and they are trying to decide what the snow is and if they want to be on it. Comical 😉

      • They’re always comical for some reason, they’re a bit slow and not very bright. But always lovely.

      • My chickens seem smarter to me sometimes then I give them credit for, but sometimes they do act silly and their decisions don’t seem the best. Your right it is always lovely and fun to watch 😉

      • I like the clucking sound too… but watching them escape is funny. That take one step, then stop and think. The next step, then stop and think and so on…

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