Have you ever had a wish or do you have a wish… a wish that is so deep down in your heart that you are afraid to say it out loud? A wish that you have wanted so bad and long that you stop saying it out loud and keep it buried inside. Something you have prayed for and hoped for that it seems impossible at times, but others times the hope pops up when you least expect it.


I have had a couple wishes like this and for a long time I moved between thinking I should give up and then times I know God can provide. Recently I have come upon the idea of thinking of these secret hopes and dreams as delayed. God can provide our hopes and dream when they are in line with his plan for our lives, even when they seem impossible… but sometimes I have figured out in the mean time there are things I can do to prepare or to improve during periods of wait.


Many times we may think of our unanswered dreams as a yes or no thing… but there is the “wait” option. And during the waiting time we can improve ourselves, our lives, our perspectives, our families, our faith. Its not always easy or fun, but it is possible and often it helps to have purpose during times of wait. It also may be just what we need to be doing to be our best when our dreams do come 🙂 Do you have secret hopes in your heart? How do you cope during periods of wait?

4 Comments on “Wish… Deferred?

  1. I think this is a common feeling! Trust in God that He will bring you to where you need to go. Sometimes, a wish doesn’t work out because it isn’t part of the plan. Blessings to you on your journey!
    ~ Tiffani xo

    • Agreed sometimes it isn’t meant to be a part of Gods plan, but sometimes I think if you pray for a desire to go away if its not part of His plan and are honestly willing for that… and the desire or wish doesn’t go away then maybe its just not time yet for the wish to happen…. just my opinion. But agreed sometimes He has something else in your future, just got to wait and see. Thanks for your comment and I hope your journey is going well 🙂

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